Monday, August 11, 2008

The Scamp

E. M. and the Little Man asked me...
"I was wondering if you have gone anywhere in your scamp and if you like it? My partner and I are thinking of getting one. You made it sound so functional and nice. Thanks for any info you can provide."

Well ladies, besides the little adventure we took driving from Seattle to Southern CA, and back in 5 days, we have not taken any other trips with our fiberglass "egg". I have been slowly working on the trailer since we got back from that first trip. To date, I have taken out the entire interior of the trailer, minus the closet, removed the carpet, washed the walls, sealed the seams, repaired the floor, painted the inside wheel wells, picked the paint color, purchased the new flooring, and purchased the new wiring, all on the weekends when Mindi can take Harris. I have been enjoying every minute of it (minus washing the walls), and it has given me plenty of time to think back to our initial trip with the Scamp. I am grateful that we slept in the trailer for the last 2 nights, because it gave us a really good idea about what elements were necessities vs. niceties. Despite the trailer being old and a little bit stinky, we LOVED our experience in it so far. I find that the camper is a nice compromise for the 2 of us. I would be happy sleeping on hay, whereas, Mindi needs a few more creature comforts, like, not waking up in a puddle if it rains. I also think that ***the trailer is very versatile. Eventually, we will buy an "Add a Room" or a screened/walled canopy. We will be able to utilize this for dining, or sleeping if we have friends come along. This add a room will also help me feel like I am a little closer to nature. We find that a porto potti is very handy, especially in the middle of the night. The trailer is very light, and can be pulled by a 4 cylinder car (such as my Toyota Matrix), and due to it's small size, it is pretty easy to store. You may consider hopping over to fiberglass rv. Everything you wanted to know and more can be found there.

I am hoping that, in some roundabout way, I answered your questions... Please, if you have any more, let me know!

***I am speaking specifically about a 13 foot fiberglass trailer. There are a few brands of fiberglass trailers out there. At this time, I think that Scamp is the only brand to currently manufacture this size. You can, however, buy a 13 foot fiberglass trailer used, or, if you have some sweet cash to spend, go check out the TaB trailer- it too, is rockin'!
Here is Harris during our first night in gthe Scamp!


  1. Oh, yeah. Those are the exact kind of details we wanted to know. Thanks, Lynn!

  2. Also, I saw one of those Tab trailers on the road and thought it looked like a Scamp. Thanks for including that link.


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