Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Lets' see... Harris still has his cold. It is much better now, but it is still lingering. At the 1 week mark, we took him to the Dr. Up to a week, I am fine with, but I don't like to see anyone sick for longer than that... They took us the same day we called. They wanted to check for bronchitis. Luckily for everyone involved, he does not have bronchitis but was on the road to ear infection city. The NP gave us a script for meds if he started showing signs of an actual ear infection. Luckily, it does not appear that an ear infection is in the cards for our little one. Thank goodness!!

I have been making an active effort to try to get out more. When I was pregnant, I oftentimes day dreamed about the hip, cool, on the go mom I would be. Somehow, I guess I kind of thought that when you joined the "mom club" you would automatically get a list sent directly to your thinker about the dates and times of the next street fair, or play group for infants, or the tide tables for the local wade pool. Not so... I realized that duh, I have to do the work of "finding the funs" if you will. I have a certain mom friend that does help me branch out a bit though. She introduced me to the Local farmers market, and the hippist wade pool in the city of Seattle. I really do mean hip by the way. Close your eyes and picture a grassy, sunny with GREAT shade patches park/wade pool combo, where there is actually a person in which there job is simply to sit there and test the water pH every hour... yeh, wow! And get this, they blow a little whistle, all the kids have to get out, she does her little test for pH and fecal microbe levels (lol) and if the levels are not quite right, they drain the whole wade pool and then fill it up again- multiples times per day... By the time we got there this afternoon, it was half filled, and filling. It was quite a sight. But I digress- not only was the pool itself hip, and the park hip, and the playground hip, but you should have seen the moms there!! There was not a single dad in sight I tell you, and at LEAST 50% of the moms were toting their tot in a Bugaboo stroller, all tanned and gussied up like they were going out with their best girlfriends for mimosas, brunch, and a shopping spree... Not to mention, they were all wearing a wrap or sling. I find it interesting how certain trends move through or around the mainstream. Although I am no expert, I can almost guarantee that before wraps and slings were "hip" they were considered "hippy". I sure am glad that that thinking is done with.

Wow, that was a total ramble fest.

So, as I mentioned, harris is crawling, and pulling up. Typically, Harris sleeps on his own little mattress (a co sleeper mattress) on the floor next to our platform bed. In the middle of the night, (around 3 or 4) when he gets up for a bottle, I feed him, change him, and then "try" to put him back on his bed, but usually he ends up in our bed. I have been trying to try harder to get him to spend the whole night in his bed, simply for personal space reasons...
Anyways, so the other night, I got up, fed him, changed him, and put him back in his bed. I was just starting to dose off, when I opened my eyes and found myself looking right into Harris' eyes. He smiled, I giggled. He wanted in. He had gone through all the trouble of standing up at my bedside (a big feat for a little guy!) to let me know that he wanted to come to bed with us. i thought it was super cute, and when he put his little hand on mine, the deal was sealed, and into the family bed he came.


  1. Darn, I was hoping for that idea-implant too! Plus the phone numbers of families who had natural wood blocks to give away. :) Sounds like Harris is *so* growing!! um, photos? (btw, this is Emily from FF)

  2. I agree with M....photos!!!

    That is so cute that you opened your eyes and he was staring at you!!! I would imagine that with that little face, it'd be hard to refuse!

  3. super cute story at the end. that is precisely the reason ryan goes down in her room, i give in to the cuteness way too easily and it makes for a miserable night of sleep for everyone involved. i wish sleeping together was easier, i'd do it all the time for sure!

    hope he gets better soon!

  4. Awwww poor Harris!! Colds are yucky, but it sounds like he is on the up. I don't think I could resist that cute smile either!

    There is this great site called meetup.com where you can find groups in your area with similar interests. It's a life saver for getting out there and doing new things and meeting new people! I highly recommend it...and hey if you don't find a group you like you can start your own!!

  5. I agree with li li about meetup. I have found some good groups on there. Also, we have a Metro Parent magazine in Portland that has loads of happenings. I love their calendar. Maybe Seattle has something like that?

    That is a cute story about Harris pulling up and requesting the family bed. :)

  6. I know this is a little late in coming, but I just stumbled across your blog for the first time... There is a Seattle Lesbian Moms Meetup Group! I've joined, but have yet to attend anything. Check it out. :)

  7. thanks heather! I am a member too, and have been for quite some time now. I hope to see you at an event, they can be pretty fun!!


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