Monday, August 25, 2008

Pick a Name

The trailer is coming along. I had mentioned before that I had completely gutted it, minus the closet. I washed the walls down about 4 times. That was probably the worst part about this whole over-haul! I sealed the seams in the insulation, primed it twice, and finally got the paint on! The paint made a HUGE difference!! Mindi was able to give me some time to work on the trailer today, and I managed to almost complete the new wiring (I just need a few quick wire splices to be done). I also started laying the new floor. I found this great flooring at Home Depot that looks like laminate flooring, but it is really vinyl! It even goes together in planks like laminate. It is just what we needed to help us avoid the problem of potential dampness or water damage to the flooring. I am getting really excited about it since I am finally doing things, as opposed to UN-doing things.

I am really trying to think of what to name the Scamp! I think that if i come up with something fun, I will put it on the outside of the trailer when I paint it!

Any ideas for names?????

Here is a quick comparison of before and "during"!
BEFORE: Holy Harvest!DURING: Ahhhh Refreshing!

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  1. Jeez. You constantly amaze me!!! Way to go girl.....I seriously have so much respect for you doing all this!!! I am clueless about a name for the scamp.....but I'll think on it. Can't wait to see the "finished product"...I'm sure it will be sweet!!!!

    Oh, PS. New photo up in Belly's pretty much the same as 22 weeks, don't you think?


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