Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Infant Toothbrushing

My baby got his first tooth when he was about 5 months old. He cut the next one a few days later, and is currently working on his top 2 teeth. The left one broke the skin today, while the right one should be showing up in the next couple of days. Right from the get-go, we wanted to make sure that we practiced good oral hygiene with him. We realized that there were many products on the market meant to achieve the task of brushing those tiny chompers.

I was out with a friend and a friend of a friend a couple weeks ago. She has a son around the same age of mine and was going on and on about how her son hated having his teeth brushed. She told me stories of practically having to hold him down in the name of a tooth brushing. Picture bucking bronco. She was getting so worked up about it and had this look of terror on her face, like her son's teeth were already rotting out of his head, and he only had 3! She looked at me with that new mom plead in her eyes and asked "do you brush His teeth?". I said, "no, he does". "what do you mean by THAT?!" "well" I said, "I hand him a wet toothbrush and he puts It in his mouth and chews on it."

Try it.

It really doesn't take anything special. Just a regular toothbrush with soft bristles and a compact head. You probably have one waiting in your linen closet. Or, if you are feeling sassy, you can get one of these. Harris LOOOVES his! It makes him giggle every time.


  1. I'm sold. Just added it to our baby registry!! Good for Harris, already brushing his teeth!!! This boy CAN'T get any cuter.

  2. holy smokes, Harris is brushing his *teeth*!!! wasn't he just born?

  3. Noah loves his toothbrushes also! His nana bought him a baby toothbrush that's sort of a cross between a teething toy and a mouth guard, which he loves to bite on when he's playing with toys. We also bought him a regular kid toothbrush with a tiny brush head, and he likes playing with it in the bath. His third and fourth teeth are coming in this week, so he's been chomping on his toothbrushes like crazy. It never occurred to me to actually try to brush his teeth for him. Yikes.

  4. That's exactly what we did with ours in the beginning. It's good because they are in control, and it gets them used to the feel of something brushing against their gums.


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