Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have been a PURGING MAD WOMAN lately! I have always had a tendency to feel overwhelmed by physical stuff, but I have also always had a hard time getting rid of that stuff. Most of the "stuff" had sentimental value, you know, and I just couldn't bring myself to part with the nick nacks. Then I stumbled across a great idea to help me rid my house, and therefor, my psyche of all the superfluous stuff in my life. Take a picture! That's right, take a picture- it'll last longer anyways, right? Take for example a small, ratty dictionary I had growing up. Inside that dictionary, were some pressed flowers from some HUGE event in my life. You can tell just how huge and important that event was in my life since I can't remember what it was. Anyways... I had held on to this thing since 6th grade. It had traveled with me from my parent's house to college, back home, off to the girlfriend's house, then a (!)boyfriends house, back to my parents house, then to mindi's place, then finally to Seattle... It had been around. I finally decided that I needed to get rid of it- REALLY. But I couldn't just- throw it away! It held great sentimental value, that ratty old book with decomposing flowers- it was SPECIAL! I am sure that you all have something like that in your lives. So, one day, I took it out, arranged it all nice and purty-like, and I took a picture of it, and threw it A-WAY! The picture was there, on my computer, not taking up any more valuable real estate in my bookshelf, I had a clear conscience that I did not destroy a precious memory, and my mind and home are less filled with clutter. Where is that picture now? It has long since made it's way through my computer recycle bin. After a while of looking at the photo, and realizing that I had no clue where the flowers came from, the sentimental value was lost, and I was able to say bye bye for good. For other things, though, it is nice to look back at the pictures and remember.

I have seriously been scaling down my house and my belongings. We just unloaded 2 nightstands, our bed frame, a ceiling fan, some outdoor speakers, a few pillows, some books, some clothes- you get the idea. I am still going strong in my quest to rid. I read a quote from the SimpleMom Blog that has inspired me to do such things:

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." -William Morris

What a great quote!!

For more inspiration to free your house of the extras, try these sites that I love:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pick a Name

The trailer is coming along. I had mentioned before that I had completely gutted it, minus the closet. I washed the walls down about 4 times. That was probably the worst part about this whole over-haul! I sealed the seams in the insulation, primed it twice, and finally got the paint on! The paint made a HUGE difference!! Mindi was able to give me some time to work on the trailer today, and I managed to almost complete the new wiring (I just need a few quick wire splices to be done). I also started laying the new floor. I found this great flooring at Home Depot that looks like laminate flooring, but it is really vinyl! It even goes together in planks like laminate. It is just what we needed to help us avoid the problem of potential dampness or water damage to the flooring. I am getting really excited about it since I am finally doing things, as opposed to UN-doing things.

I am really trying to think of what to name the Scamp! I think that if i come up with something fun, I will put it on the outside of the trailer when I paint it!

Any ideas for names?????

Here is a quick comparison of before and "during"!
BEFORE: Holy Harvest!DURING: Ahhhh Refreshing!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Infant Toothbrushing

My baby got his first tooth when he was about 5 months old. He cut the next one a few days later, and is currently working on his top 2 teeth. The left one broke the skin today, while the right one should be showing up in the next couple of days. Right from the get-go, we wanted to make sure that we practiced good oral hygiene with him. We realized that there were many products on the market meant to achieve the task of brushing those tiny chompers.

I was out with a friend and a friend of a friend a couple weeks ago. She has a son around the same age of mine and was going on and on about how her son hated having his teeth brushed. She told me stories of practically having to hold him down in the name of a tooth brushing. Picture bucking bronco. She was getting so worked up about it and had this look of terror on her face, like her son's teeth were already rotting out of his head, and he only had 3! She looked at me with that new mom plead in her eyes and asked "do you brush His teeth?". I said, "no, he does". "what do you mean by THAT?!" "well" I said, "I hand him a wet toothbrush and he puts It in his mouth and chews on it."

Try it.

It really doesn't take anything special. Just a regular toothbrush with soft bristles and a compact head. You probably have one waiting in your linen closet. Or, if you are feeling sassy, you can get one of these. Harris LOOOVES his! It makes him giggle every time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Scamp

E. M. and the Little Man asked me...
"I was wondering if you have gone anywhere in your scamp and if you like it? My partner and I are thinking of getting one. You made it sound so functional and nice. Thanks for any info you can provide."

Well ladies, besides the little adventure we took driving from Seattle to Southern CA, and back in 5 days, we have not taken any other trips with our fiberglass "egg". I have been slowly working on the trailer since we got back from that first trip. To date, I have taken out the entire interior of the trailer, minus the closet, removed the carpet, washed the walls, sealed the seams, repaired the floor, painted the inside wheel wells, picked the paint color, purchased the new flooring, and purchased the new wiring, all on the weekends when Mindi can take Harris. I have been enjoying every minute of it (minus washing the walls), and it has given me plenty of time to think back to our initial trip with the Scamp. I am grateful that we slept in the trailer for the last 2 nights, because it gave us a really good idea about what elements were necessities vs. niceties. Despite the trailer being old and a little bit stinky, we LOVED our experience in it so far. I find that the camper is a nice compromise for the 2 of us. I would be happy sleeping on hay, whereas, Mindi needs a few more creature comforts, like, not waking up in a puddle if it rains. I also think that ***the trailer is very versatile. Eventually, we will buy an "Add a Room" or a screened/walled canopy. We will be able to utilize this for dining, or sleeping if we have friends come along. This add a room will also help me feel like I am a little closer to nature. We find that a porto potti is very handy, especially in the middle of the night. The trailer is very light, and can be pulled by a 4 cylinder car (such as my Toyota Matrix), and due to it's small size, it is pretty easy to store. You may consider hopping over to fiberglass rv. Everything you wanted to know and more can be found there.

I am hoping that, in some roundabout way, I answered your questions... Please, if you have any more, let me know!

***I am speaking specifically about a 13 foot fiberglass trailer. There are a few brands of fiberglass trailers out there. At this time, I think that Scamp is the only brand to currently manufacture this size. You can, however, buy a 13 foot fiberglass trailer used, or, if you have some sweet cash to spend, go check out the TaB trailer- it too, is rockin'!
Here is Harris during our first night in gthe Scamp!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good Things

Harris is going crazy crawling around and standing up against anything not moving... For those of you who are desiring photos, here is my weekend in pictures. My weekend was pretty darn good. It started Friday morning with my little cutie showing off his talent and apparent pride regarding his ability to sit on the potty all by himself:

Then, the curiosity regarding what Harris would have looked like as a girl, led to this:

Here is some Miscellaneous cuteness:
After lunch, we had fun with our toothbrush like always:
Then we all had Shabbat dinner together:

After more toothbrushing, he hit the sack and we relaxed together.

Saturday morning Harris looked out of this window for close to an hour, and yes, he is wearing a pink gDiaper, and no, it was not a mistake...

Then my diapers got rained out, which was a bummer, (and no, that is not my typical laundry basket):

But Mindi made up for the rainy day with her FANTASTIC pizza, made with Broccolini, zuchini, sauteed mushrooms, and heirloom tomatoes:

Then, to top it all off, after putting the boy to bed, I look out the window, and what do I see?

Life is full of good things.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Lets' see... Harris still has his cold. It is much better now, but it is still lingering. At the 1 week mark, we took him to the Dr. Up to a week, I am fine with, but I don't like to see anyone sick for longer than that... They took us the same day we called. They wanted to check for bronchitis. Luckily for everyone involved, he does not have bronchitis but was on the road to ear infection city. The NP gave us a script for meds if he started showing signs of an actual ear infection. Luckily, it does not appear that an ear infection is in the cards for our little one. Thank goodness!!

I have been making an active effort to try to get out more. When I was pregnant, I oftentimes day dreamed about the hip, cool, on the go mom I would be. Somehow, I guess I kind of thought that when you joined the "mom club" you would automatically get a list sent directly to your thinker about the dates and times of the next street fair, or play group for infants, or the tide tables for the local wade pool. Not so... I realized that duh, I have to do the work of "finding the funs" if you will. I have a certain mom friend that does help me branch out a bit though. She introduced me to the Local farmers market, and the hippist wade pool in the city of Seattle. I really do mean hip by the way. Close your eyes and picture a grassy, sunny with GREAT shade patches park/wade pool combo, where there is actually a person in which there job is simply to sit there and test the water pH every hour... yeh, wow! And get this, they blow a little whistle, all the kids have to get out, she does her little test for pH and fecal microbe levels (lol) and if the levels are not quite right, they drain the whole wade pool and then fill it up again- multiples times per day... By the time we got there this afternoon, it was half filled, and filling. It was quite a sight. But I digress- not only was the pool itself hip, and the park hip, and the playground hip, but you should have seen the moms there!! There was not a single dad in sight I tell you, and at LEAST 50% of the moms were toting their tot in a Bugaboo stroller, all tanned and gussied up like they were going out with their best girlfriends for mimosas, brunch, and a shopping spree... Not to mention, they were all wearing a wrap or sling. I find it interesting how certain trends move through or around the mainstream. Although I am no expert, I can almost guarantee that before wraps and slings were "hip" they were considered "hippy". I sure am glad that that thinking is done with.

Wow, that was a total ramble fest.

So, as I mentioned, harris is crawling, and pulling up. Typically, Harris sleeps on his own little mattress (a co sleeper mattress) on the floor next to our platform bed. In the middle of the night, (around 3 or 4) when he gets up for a bottle, I feed him, change him, and then "try" to put him back on his bed, but usually he ends up in our bed. I have been trying to try harder to get him to spend the whole night in his bed, simply for personal space reasons...
Anyways, so the other night, I got up, fed him, changed him, and put him back in his bed. I was just starting to dose off, when I opened my eyes and found myself looking right into Harris' eyes. He smiled, I giggled. He wanted in. He had gone through all the trouble of standing up at my bedside (a big feat for a little guy!) to let me know that he wanted to come to bed with us. i thought it was super cute, and when he put his little hand on mine, the deal was sealed, and into the family bed he came.


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