Monday, July 28, 2008

What a Snot

His hands are cold, his forehead is hot. He has not had more than 2 hours of uninterupted sleep in the last 48 hours, and, incidentally, neither have we. His boogies have reached a bright lime green. Ahhhh, this is what it is to be a mother! We have reached yet another milestone with him. His first cold. He is bubbling and dripping, yet still in a festive mood. I know that if I were in his state, I would be lying in bed, grumbling and calling mindi to bring me some chicken soup. I got the bug too, but not even a quarter as badly as my baby did. I know what happened, too. It was from an innocent french kiss, shared between my little guy and the cute neighbor boy...
Here is to hoping that everyone gets a little sleep tonight!


  1. Sorry to hear he has his first cold. Here's some unasked for ass-vice....we swear by saline spray for baby colds. It really does dry things up without anything more harmful than saline. It's just miserable when they get sick and can't sleep or eat....yuck. Try to take care of yourself!

    Get well wishes,

  2. Thanks Alissa! We opened a bottle of saline drops for Harris last night... I was actually wondering to myself "does this stuff really work?". Well, he only got us up 1 time last night (which is an average non- cold night amount of times) so apparently it helped!

  3. Update please....thank you!


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