Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lesson Learned

Soooo, Harris started crawling 2 days shy of his 7 month Birthday. 2 Days later, he started pulling up. I was expecting maybe, that he would need more time in between the two, but I guess I was wrong. We installed a baby gate in the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen. The stairs to the basement lead out from the kitchen, and everyone knows that babies and stairs don't mix. I was in the kitchen, making Harris and my breakfast, when I hear him giggle on the other side of the gate. I looked over, and there he was- standing there. He was holding onto the gate like jail cell bars. I was a little perplexed for a moment. I was unsure as to whether or not I should let him stand there, or if I should gently detach his grip from the bars and sit him down somewhere out of fear that he would fall down and bonk his head. Then, I was met with the predicament of him being on the OTHER side of the gate. How on earth was I supposed to pick him up? How on earth was I supposed to open the gate? If I tried, then my fear may come true and he might go tumbling to the ground with a thud...

Then he sat down and giggled before crawling off...


Ok, so then I think to myself, "Self, when you are not on the same side of the gate as Harris, at least place him in the excer-saucer in the corner of the living room!"

"Wow, I am brilliant" I think to myself.

I place Harris in the saucer and walk away to finish making my coffee. From the kitchen, I hear riiiiiiiip, followed by copious amounts of giggling. I walk around the corner to find this:

Well, will wonders never cease!

Note to self: Um, whoops!


  1. Isn't it just like a baby to make you think to yourself...what was I thinking?! LOL Good thing he's the cutest little guy. :)

  2. Found your blog on cracked up at your post about the stalkers (but still didn't say hi) ha..... after reading this post I just had to comment, too CUTE; that little Harris is a muffin face! Won't be long and he will be destroying things you never even knew were destructible!

    Adorable family.


  3. You were one of the blogs I read great things about G Diapers. Jess and I really find the information on your site very helpful. I am very nervous about using cloth diapers so for now we are going to try the flushable inserts. However if those don't work I may be hitting you up again to see about those cloth inserts. Do you sell them on your etsy store?

  4. He looks so incredibly proud of himself with that curtain in his little hand! Before you know it he'll be walking and by walking, I mean running everywhere as fast as his little legs will take him...

  5. SO cute! you guys are in BIG trouble!

  6. What a cutie-pie. It's so exciting that he's crawling....we would love a video of it (no pressure of course!).....hope you BOTH feel better soon!

  7. Ut Oh fun times ahead. And could he possibly get any cuter?


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