Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clean your Child, Green your Life

I think that I have become borderline obsessed with "greening" my life. It is not that I was unaware of the potential dangers of the cleaning products etc under my sink, it is just that, like many people, I chose to ignore it. Of course, having a baby certainly does change things. I am know very aware of nasty chemicals on my baby's skin and I am really trying to phase out the bad in favor of the "green".

I will tell you though, that there is something that really gets my goat... I have seen many magazine articles and online articles about how to green your life. They talk about these great new, green products that you should get- "toss the harmful chemicals and get this fantastic green cleaner!" It is all good good good. I love it- but wait? What else are these articles proposing? That you "toss" one product in favor of another. Doesn't that seem a tad bit wasteful? The magazines should be saying- "hey, when you finish that bottle of Windex, try mixing up a spray bottle of 60/40 water and vinegar!" or, "Instead of tossing that old T-shirt in favor of Organic cotton, have Lynn whip it into a stylin' sack to reuse in a different way!" (Shameless plug).

So, stepping off of my soapbox now...

I realized that along with the introduction to solid food, came the need for stronger food schmear fighting artillery- namely, bibs. We have a few bibs for Harris. They are super cute. Yes, that is all, they are cute. They did a decent job catching little spit-ups and teething drool, but they are certainly not going to cut it to catch our Vegetarian Pot Pie. On a side note, I also realized that I was going through more dish towels since the little one started eating real food. I had a Revelation!

Dish Towel=Huge Bib

Less is more. If you are going to get more new things, at least make sure they serve at LEAST 2 functions!

Here is how to make a SIMPLE Dish towel bib to be used as either one as needed.

1. Buy some snaps *Inexpensive, and despite this belief, you DO NOT need a special tool to apply snaps. All you need is a hammer and a bobbin or spool of thread.

2. Buy some standard kitchen hand/dish towels. Buy new if you have to, but I am sure that you could find some at a thrift store.

3. Fold your towel in half (short wise not lengthwise).

4. Place a mark approximately 6 inches in at the top on both sides of the towel. This is where you will place your snaps.

5. Place the back ring of the snap. *Note snaps have 3 elements- a back ring, a male snap, and a female snap, if you will. the back ring is what secures the male or female to the fabric. To "place the back ring, you must push the teeth through the fabric. An easy way to do this without stabbing yourself is to use a pencil eraser to push the fabric over the teeth.

6. Once the back ring is set, place a male snap over the teeth. Use the hammer and bobbin (or spool) to hammer the snap down onto the teeth. Make sure that the ring and snap are completely, and evenly attached.

7. Place your other ring back and repeat the steps using the female snap. Make sure that the male and female snaps are facing each other when the towel is folded.

8. Put the bib on your child and hand him marinara sauce.

By the way, if your child happens to grow, you can always make the neck part larger by simply adding another female snap about an inch away from the original

P.S. If you use your towels to physically dry your dishes, MIND THE SNAPS! I will not be held responsible for scratches on Great Aunt Millie's fine china.
***This post was recently highlighted on RookieMoms! This is a great blog about 2 women's guide to the first year of motherhood! Go check them out!


  1. Cool! There's also a product you can buy that turns anything (temporarily) into a bib.

    and...male snap. ha ha ha ha ha. I am such a 7th grade boy.

  2. OK I'm convinced...you're a rockstar!! Awesome!! Your craftiness amazes me!

  3. You're so creative!!! That's a GREAT idea...I'm sure I will try it when our little boy is eating big-boy food!!!

    AND, checked out your flicker photos - Harris is so precious; he's getting so BIG and looks like such a happy boy!!!

  4. love it! I will do a link love post real soon.

  5. How many G Diapers would you say that we should get for each stage; small, medium, large? Is there anything that would help us in our journey to make sure that leaks happen rarely? BTW we love seeing all our little blogs about being crafty and of course Harris!

  6. Hmm... good idea. My sister just loosely ties the towels around her kids necks. I'm going to direct her here to read this.

  7. help! i can't use your images cause they're on blogger. can you put them on flickr? i want the photo of the snaps and the pic of harris in his new bib.

  8. I'm thrilled by your tutorial! Nice job. I'm on the green family quest with you, come on over to my place sometime :)

  9. I love this idea. I hope I can make some.


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