Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spinning Wheels

I have so much on my mind lately it is unbelievable. I feel like I can never just focus on one thing because I have a million other thoughts trying to interrupt the thought process. And then, there is the baby- who I hear stirring on the monitor as we speak, after only napping for 20 minutes... oy. Ok, they are just grunts so I am going to keep typing until he really asks for me. So, what was I saying? ...I have to pay the electric bill... whoops- another one of those pesky miscellaneous thoughts... see? they are like little flying insects! I feel like I have to FIGHT to keep my thought process straight... Hmmm. so, yeh.

I am trying to work on my crafts for my shop. I am super excited about a new hat style that I made the other day for Harris. You will have to wait in suspense for pictures, however, because the one I made was only a protocol with mediocre fabric and an atrocious seam-matching job... I am visualizing the cool hat now- I think I am going to make it out of a beige corduroy skirt that I used to wear. I am really digging this whole upcycling concept! I just put another T-Sack and baby cap in my etsy shop. I get so excited thinking about all the projects I want to do, and then overwhelmed at the same time. I would also like to figure out how to take better pictures of my products. I have spent a long time pouring over etsy files and tutorials on how to make your pictures their best, but I feel that my photos are somehow falling short. I mean, when you go onto the etsy site, the first thing you see are a set of handpicked items, all with very professional looking photos, excellent lighting, and intense colors. Why don't my photos look like that? I even made a light box to try to enhance my camera's macro ability! Ug... Anyone have any photo tips for me?

Speaking of photo tips, if you want to receive awesome photo tips and projects in your email, or if you just want to learn more about how to take great pictures, visit this awesome sight. Not only is it helpful, but it is typically VERY FUNNY as well, and they DO NOT SPAM. very important.

My desk is a disaster. My whole office is a disaster. At least my dining room is clean since I removed my Etsy Studio from the dining room table... Of course, then all that stuff just sort of got tossed in piles into the spare BR, next to my maternity clothes that I still have not put away... Sigh. I think I need to go scoop the cat box...

Oh yeh, and here is our boy, before smooshing his first banana in his fist. We did not really expect him to eat it, but we were curious to see if he would realize that it was food, and try. He thought it was a nice toy. We thought it was cute- and messy- and, well, cute :)


  1. I'm no photo expert, but Harris and the pristine pre-squishing banana are adorable!!!

  2. He is so cute.......gosh. Have I mentioned that before??? I'm impressed with all your hard-work and up-cycling! We are going to buy your baby leggings shortly after we find out the sex AND we totally want one of your sock monkeys! Any news on on the TTC front?

  3. You know he looks like he is saying, "Hey Mom I bet Risley would like to see what I could do with a nanna, let's go see her."


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