Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Baby

ok, now don't get too excited, I am not pregnant yet, but Mindi and I do have a new project in our lives! It is a little 1982, 13 foot fiberglass travel trailer made by Scamp. I am curious to know how many of my readers know about these little fiberglass trailers, fondly referred to as "eggs". For the past few years, I have been wanting to get a little travel trailer. I like to camp and be out in nature. I wanted to be able to do that with Mindi and my family, but I found that Mindi did not share my strong desire to sleep on the ground with a small layer of nylon between me and the dirt, digging holes to use as toilets, and not showering for days... She enjoys her "creature comforts"- I can't blame her, and I do understand her view. I decided, that the only way for us to both get what we needed, and enjoy ourselves, was to be able to "camp" in a hard-sided, heatable unit, preferably with a toilet... Alas, a travel trailer was to be our answer. I researched travel trailers to no end, searching for the type of trailer that would suit us the best. I dragged her to an RV show, then I dragged her to an RV dealership so that we could tour the Tab travel trailer, which is really neat, but really small, and really expensive! She seemed to be slightly interested- slightly slightly... At one point, I was convinced that, in order for us to have a trailer that suited our family, I would have to make it. Yes folks- you read that right. I had begun drawing up plans to build my own travel trailer in the style of the old "Teardrop trailers". Then I got pregnant, and all of those plans got pushed aside.

Much to my extrememly pleasant surprise, I was offered by my uncle, via my cousin, the cute little aformentioned Scamp trailer- for free. FREE! The only catch, was that I had to pick it up. In SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA... and I live in SEATTLE... Ok, no problem! But, we only had 5 days to make the drive down to Oceanside, CA and back to Seattle, WA... with an almost 6 month old... 2,440 miles... We gave ourselves 2 days to drive down, and 3 days to drive back home. We camped in the trailer on the way home and we had a great time. We stayed the first return night at an RV park called Fawndale in Redding, CA. It was beautiful there and I wish we could have stayed longer. This is the first picture I took of the trailer hooked to our car...
If you look closely, you can see Harris' big boy car seat in the back of the Jeep- it was the first time we used his new car seat, as he has grown out of his infant seat! Gawd he is growing up quick!! Here is an example of some of the views we had on our drive through Oregon...

Here is a picture of Mindi on the Beach at Seal Rock at Beachside State Park, where we camped the second night of our trip home, and a pic of Harris enjoying the camper...

Overall, the trip went really smooth (smoothly?). Harris was a bit grumpy the second day, giving us a little run for our money, but after realizing that he was grumpy because he had just CUT HIS SECOND TOOTH, we realized that we were the LUCKY ones. Teething, I have heard, can be VERY intense for a lot of babies and parents, and all Harris gave us was a few good yelps and wails- we'll take it!

We stopped at some rest stops along the way to give the baby a little rolling time. I got a few great pictures that I love!

And, I managed to snap a couple great pics of Harris with Mommy too!

Whew! I also want to thank my cousin Sandy for helping to get the camper ready for us before we got there! She shaved off a ton of time by picking up and putting on the new tires I ordered, as well as checked and changed lightbulbs and checked the power on the Scamp! Thanks Sandy!!! By the way, She shares Harris' b-day, and here is a great picture of her and Harris when she came to Seattle 2 weeks before our trip!! She's got the touch!

We plan on doing some pretty extensive remodeling of the little Scamp. Of course, I am sure that is no surprise, being that I can't seem to leave anything alone... I MUST MODIFY! I will be sure to take lots of pictures...


  1. Congrats on your new Scamp. You're sure to continue to have a great time with it.
    You've probably already found sites with great mod tips, like
    Best wishes.

  2. Thanks for the tip Oscar! is an awesome site indeed! I have been a member for 2+ years, and found my campgrounds through that site! Love it!!

  3. The Scamp is very cute Lynn! I love all the pictures you took too!!! My fav is that first one of you and Harris where you're looking right at the camera! They're all good though!!! Good luck with your modifying plans!

  4. I just hoped over here to yell at you ....and what a pleasant surprise...
    First:- HI YA HARRIS!!!!! Boy he's getting big!
    and How cool is scamp! I love it!

  5. cute, cute pictures of the boy and what a great deal on the camper!! congrats on your newest addition!


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