Monday, June 23, 2008


8:15am Round up the baby bumpkin and plop him in his carseat
8:18am hit the road for the Dr's office.
8:30am hit traffic
8:40am hit traffic
8:50 am hit traffic
9:00am find the MOST ROCKING parking spot
9:15am sit in a waiting room
9:30am spread my legs for the dildo cam while amusing my little prince in his umbrella stroller
10:00am close my legs
10:20am dash upstairs to another office
10:35am get a honkin' shot in my doopa
10:45am yet another office hop
11:00am schedule a thaw for tomorrow at 3:50pm!

Guys, we are back on track!!!


  1. YAY! Document it all - so exciting for your family.

  2. you go, girl! very exciting to be trying for #2!!

  3. Yea!!!! Good Luck and I hope everything goes well!!

  4. rock on, we too met with the dildo cam this morning ; ) good luck with the journey for #2!

  5. Good luck girl! I can't wait to see your BFP! Maybe you anI will be preggo buddies this time next month. . .

  6. I am going to regret asking, but I'll ask anyway. What's a doopa? Is that your butt?


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