Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Trip around the Diaper Track

Enough already with the friggin' diapers! Heh heh- if you don't want to read about diapers, then why are you following some lesbian mom's blog...

I am sure that you all know the story about my diapers. And, you can plainly see my support of gDiapers in the right hand column... Unfortunately, we have hit a snag. *GASP* yes, a snag in our tried and true gDiaper system. It seems that, although the cloth inserts I made were PERFECT for Harris when he was in smalls, now that he is in mediums, and has a bigger bladder, and more pee, and, because of aforementioned reason, required 1 extra layer of absorption in the form of a microfiber towel from Costco, they are not quite working out... At first, we thought that it was a leaking problem. Well, at first, it was a leaking problem. He was leaking through almost every gDiaper cloth combo we put him in. Then we realized that the leaking could be remedied by reassessing how we were putting the g's on him. Unfortunately, 1 problem remains the same. The BULK. These things are HUGE! I didn't think that that 1 extra layer would make a difference, but man, did it!

For some reason, I always thought that I would always just use g's. I never thought that I would need to look into any other solutions, because the g's were p.e.r.f.e.c.t for Harris, and I thought that they were absolutely adorable! I love the colors!! Then we hit this bump in the road, and all of a sudden, I find myself trying to slurp up info online like a sponge. I had done quite a bit of research before, but I had always resigned not to look too closely, because the diapering systems that I felt would work the best for us were the contoured/fitted/velcro kind most similar to disposables. I ruled that option out fairly early, however, because of the fact that the majority of these cute diapers ran about $17.00 a piece. I am super comfy with my 30 home made cloth inserts, and I wouldn't really want too many less than that. That would mean dishing out $510.00 for a really comfortable stash...


We broke down the other day and purchased 4 BumGenius 3.0 to try at night. Well, of course, once we put 1 on him, we couldn't help ourselves, and went through all 4 in a row... we were quietly debating over who got to change his next diaper... sick people... sick...

Apparently, we LIKE these new Bum Genius Diapers. There are a few things, however, that I do NOT like about the diapers...
1. The price
2. The HUGE Tag on the front
3. The colors *bleh*

I hate paying a ton of money for something that is not a cool color, and has a billboard sewn to the front to make sure you KNOW what brand of diapers your baby is wearing.

So, once again, I thought I would get crafty. I have never made a one size, pocket diaper before. I have never made a pattern from something in existence before. I have never applied snaps to anything before. I have never sewn velcro onto anything before. I have never sewn elastic into anything before.

I have never seen a more beautifully colored diaper and soaker, than the one I just made! BEHOLD!!!!

Teehee. I have no idea if it fits him. He is in bed for the night, and as much as I am just dying to put his cute little bum into his cute new diaper and cover, I am a good mom, and know better. Here are some comparison shots of the BumGenius and the home-made version. I can see, just by looking at this photo, that my version is bigger- that is scary...

I will try the diaper out tomorrow. I hope it fits, but I am not going to shoot myself if it does not. I will just go back to the drawing board.

*NOTE BumGenius diapers do not require diaper covers. I made a diaper cover for my version of the diaper because my version is made from a 100% cotton recycled T-shirt and fleece. It does not contain PUL, which is the waterproof material most commonly used in diapers that do not require covers. If it turns out that I decide to pursue the construction of oodles of diapers (again...) then I will make them out of PUL.

Talking about diapers gets me all excited- is that sad?


  1. You're so incredible! Nothing is cuter than a baby bum in a cloth diaper

  2. Wow that is awesome. Jess and I are definitely wanting to use G Diapers or Bum Genius of whatever for our peanut. We are also concerned with the cost involved and the effectiveness of the diaper. Reading your blog is quite informative on the diaper front. So write on! :)

  3. Can I just say that you are one talented lady!!! I love freaking adorable.

  4. that's really awesome! you do some impressive work! i can't wait to find out what gender the baby is tucked away nicely in my wife's womb because we are totally going to buy some stuff from your store once we know ; )

  5. These are awesome! I so wish I could all! We are using diaper service--so prefolds and covers (bummis whisper wraps). We used the g-diaper inserts for when we are traveling, but just use them with our regular covers and that seems to work for us. She has been saturating her diapers lately though so we are going to try out the next size up and see if that helps. I can't wait to see your covers w/ PUL if you do make them!

  6. Hey Lynn,

    Since you thought you may browse our registry, I was wondering if we are missing anything that you think is important.....We were trying to get a lot of the essential stuff, and I didn't want to be forgetting something that we may really need in the first few weeks or months..... Input would help - thanks!

  7. You completely impress me! We're using a mix of FuzziBunz (old style - good sale prices...) and the 7 BumGenius 2.0s that I got as shower gifts from nice people. I'm sure you know, but another option might be to buy some good covers (I love the super whisper wraps) and use them on top of your crafty soakers. Just a thought...

  8. The other possibility is that it is actually pretty easy to get the expensive dipes like those second hand, in very good condition for much cheaper than new. We have bought quite a few (we prefer the Swaddlebees all in one/pocket hybrids) used and they are fantastic. I am already excited to start the hunt for the next size up! Mostly though we use prefolds and covers or fitteds and covers. Seriously, they are SO much easier than you think they are going to be, and we have never had one single leak with them. Not even with crazy newborn baby breastmilk poo. Not one, not even at night. We've had a couple with the other types but not prefolds/fitteds with covers.

  9. wow! you are one impressive mama! that diaper is amazingly fantastic! way to go!

  10. You're such a great resource. When I read your blog, I think about all of the things I need to consider and I keep adding items to my list.

    Girl, you are getting busy with that sewing machine!

  11. I have loved your blog, but in particular the diapering information. Any chance of producing a pattern for the rest of us crazy sewing machine people?

  12. were you ever able to make the pocket diaper? our little peanut gets a horrible diaper rash when we use the G's with disposible inserts or cloth. We are trying to go with Fuzzi Bunz but are not millionaires. LOL If you were able to make them do you have an etsy shop?? I am also thinking of going old school prefold and putting plastic pants on top. Who knows. if you have any ideas please let me know. email is

  13. just found your blog and i think we must have been friends in a past life! I am also a g-loving, cloth diapering, lesbian mom! I have a son and a wife and a baby on the way! I just wanted to share that i think you might find this website interesting.

    Also we love the fuzzi bunz pocket diapers ( well i do , my wife thinks i am a pain in the ass)


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