Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay California!

Today, the California Supreme Court reversed a lower court decision and ruled that same-sex couples have the same right to marry as opposite-sex couples under the state constitution. The court ruled that it is a violation of the state constitution to deny same-sex couples the right to marry, and that providing rights to same-sex couples through a separate system of domestic partnerships does not satisfy the state constitution.

CA is now the 2nd state to legalize gay marriage. Wahoooo!

In other news, we just had a new roof put on our house today! Woohoo! Our house is a wee little house in an ok neighborhood. I wouldn't say that it is th eugliest house in the world, but despite our decent landscaping, it was lacking in curb appeal. Well hott- damn if a new roof isn't just the thing to brighten up any house! We chose a different color- instead of the odd geenidh-grey that we had before, we went with a beautiful chocolate brown- it's delish! Who knew one could (or would) salivate over a roof! Here, I have proof!

In other news, I had the privelage of meeting Cedarflame in person yesterday! She's a wild one folks! ;) It was quite lovely! She (so graciously) purchased Alfred the Sock Monkey form my Etsy shop and so I delivered it to her. We chit chatted, drank tea, and let Harris drool on us, all while enjoying her beautiful purple lilacs that she apparently stole from a lilac bush in front of the neighborhood crack house. How quaint! I see more play dates in our future!

Oh, and by the way, Cedarflame, go leave some feedback in my Etsy shop m'kay?? Thanks, you're a doll!


  1. adorable house, and i TOO prefer your new roof color!

  2. Absolutely, the roof color change perked things up.

    And congrats on finally meeting the Cedarflame. She called last night and gushed about meeting you and the baby.

  3. Love the new roof AND the oh-so-cute striped tubes.

  4. Excuse me Sharon I do NOT gush. You have known me for how many years? Okay, maybe a little. But really not something to post around.

    See you in July!


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