Monday, May 26, 2008

Wouldn't I Love...

Wouldn't I love to have an unlimited amount of time to bloggity blog blog my days away? It used to be that way. It is amazing how an entire day can- and does completely pass you by when you have a baby... It seems as though I wake up at the butt-crack of dawn with a chipper little fella', make a bottle, change a diaper, oops, change another diaper, check AN email, play with baby, check AN email, feed the baby, wrangle the baby to sleep, check 2 emails, maybe take the day-old laundry out of the washer... whoops, eeeew, put the wet, day-old laundry back in the washer, make some coffee, leave it on the counter to get the baby, change a diaper, play with the baby, eat a york peppermint patty for lunch, nuke the cold coffee in the microwave, put it down to play with the baby, make an Etsy item, check AN email, feed the baby, nuke the cold coffee again, put wet laundry in the drier, get a break when mindi takes the baby, make 3 more Etsy items, nuke the damn coffee again, play with baby while mindi kindly makes dinner, put baby down to sleep, kiss mindi and giggle for a while, think about getting out of my pjs, decide to stay in my pjs, eat dinner, change the baby, check an email, stare blankly at a wall, nuke the coffee, fold the laundry, feed the baby, throw the coffee away, go to bed.

I am amazed that Harris has sat on my lap for as long as it just took me to type this post with my left hand...

Alas, I have to go get that laundry, AND, for those of you interested, I have just started rolling out my newest item- upcycled baby caps! I will be posting more shortly, but there are a couple in my shop for your perusal!



  1. I hear you - my days are quite similar...

    I love your etsy stuff, btw.

  2. how on earth do I think I will navigate a baby and school?! I don't have that much time for nuking the coffee!!! you're an impressive gal.

  3. There's that sweet face!!!


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