Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Tooth!

It is official! We have our first tooth! It has been lingering in sight below his gums for about a week now. It finally broke the surface yesterday morning after what seemed like only mild discomfort. Look! PROOF!!!

I am simply amazed that he is 5 months old. We have his "big boy carseat" sitting in our living room, waiting to be installed. I nearly choked when I called the pediatrician today to schedule his 6 month checkup... 6 MONTHS...

We also went to the Babies R Us today to buy him fast flow nipples for his bottles... and an umbrella stroller for our trip coming up in July. Time is just flying... I knew it would, I expected it to, but of course, it is going faster than I imagined.

We are still waiting for my damn period to come. It was supposed to come on the 19th, but that day came and went, and still no period. Now, I hope that it waits for a couple more weeks because if it comes in the next few days, then we will miss this potential first insemination. That would really stink. We are taking a little vacation to pick up a camper from Southern CA- but I will talk more about that later. I would hate to be in Southern California whilst my eggs are desiring some company...


  1. holy smokes! you have a biter! how very cute, and how very fast he's gotten to this point. LOVE that you're getting a camper -- I completely want a Westfalia, have spent lots of time camping in OR in one...

  2. Congrats on the tooth!! So VERY cute!!
    I wondered if you girls had reconsidered TTC...I admire you for going forth with it, as I sometimes secretly feel ready to try again. Although I admit that I have days where I realize we are continually entering new phases with Z, and I think I must be crazy for feeling ready for two. I think having a young toddler and a newborn is more than I am willing to take on. So, more power to you two...and I hope it doesn't take long. :)

  3. OMG!!! Our boy is turning into a MAN!

  4. Oh my... teeth!!! Yes, I am realizing that baby time goes way, way, way too fast. People told me it would but I wasn't prepared for how fast it's really happening.

    I hope that AF finds you soon. I'm ready to stalk your chart!

  5. Wow!!! First tooth! Very exciting. I can't believe how quickly your little man is growing up! Hope AF comes soon according to your timeline!!!


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