Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life's Sweetest Things

I remember back when Harris was first born and he would give us his cute little newborn gas smiles. After about 7 weeks, those gas smiles turned into real smiles- and although you could tell the difference between the two, the even that was to be the "first real smile" was fairly anti-climatic. After all, gas or not, our baby had been smiling the whole time.

Harris is working on a few things right now. He has mastered the "raspberries" that he had been working on last week. He is currently working on doing sit-ups- the precursor to sitting. He loves to sit supported, but as of yet, he has not quite gotten even the tripod sit. He does tense up his torso, however, in an attempt to pseudo-sit. I am under the impression that he is currently teething. I have read many a blog that told of the terrors of teething, what to look for, what to expect, but as with anything else, you never really understand it until it happens with your baby. There have been a lot of tears today, along with a lot of drooling and gnawing. If I pull down his bottom lip, I can CLEARLY see his two front bottom teeth. The gums are slightly red as well. I can see the 2 teeth so clearly, in fact- meaning the ENTIRE tooth- not just the top edge. It almost seems as if the teeth are going to come forward, as opposed to up if that makes sense. I can hear Harris and Mindi on the monitor as I type this. Poor baby. Poor Mindi.

On a happier note, in reference to the first paragraph (I got off track there for a minute...) Unlike the anti-climatic smile experience, Harris did something today that we had not yet experienced that melted Both Mindi's and my hearts. As I was trying to comfort Harris, Mindi, on the bed by my side, started singing to him. He calmed down, looked at her and reached up to her with both arms. It was quite a special moment- one that we had been waiting for...

I cannot believe that he is almost 5 months old!


  1. I hear you on the teething! We have had many a screamfest over the agony of cutting teeth. Jo has the same thing, with teeth looking like they are going to come forward, only his are the top two teeth. He sends hugs to Harris.

  2. Lovely post Lynn!! He is so getting so big!

  3. Get out the frozen chew toy.

    Poor baby.

  4. He is so beautiful!!!!!

  5. How wonderful! Our little girl just got 4 more teeth (9 months old)...She loves anything that is frozen.

  6. wow...seems like it was JUST yesterday that our wee Harris got teeth...and now, at nearly 6 years old...he's starting to lose them! i cried when that first one fell out...cuz i remembered so clearly when it came in!


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