Monday, May 5, 2008

busy busy busy

I have not been at my computer for about a week. Mindi is working on her comprehensive exams for her PhD program, and so I am on 100% baby duty during the day. Add to that, the fact that I waitress a few nights per week, and so that leaves little time to schmooze online. Because we knew that Mindi would have to have absolutely no interruptions, I relocated my entire sewing shop upstairs to the dining room. I brought with me, of course, the play mat and the excer-saucer for the boy, and the living and dining areas are both in shambles. Seriously. It is almost too hard to walk through the 2 rooms... But, on the upside to me relocating upstairs, is that I have been uber productive with making things for my Etsy shop, which, by the way, I FINALLY opened! You can see my Etsy Mini to the right, or you can take a look at my shop here. I am totally jazzed that I have already made 2 sales :). I think I only have about 11 things in my shop right now, but i have about 30 more things that just need final touches before I can list them!

And for the photo hungry people out there- I caught Harris making out with the sock monkey that I lovingly hand sewed for his pleasure. Enjoy!


  1. Lynn -- sounds like things are going great -- Harris just keeps getting more beautiful and more interesting... Best wishes to Mindi on her comps, and now I'll head over to your Etsy store! (Just realized, I hope you know I'm Emily from FF)

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  3. Hi!! We just purchased 2 pairs of the Versatile Tubes. We can not wait to get them and put them on our baby girl!! Have an amazing day!

  4. Ok so i love love love your store......
    I got so excited when i clicked on the link...and then when i saw Hudson's lil legs.. Urghh I so want my next cycle to work so my baby can rock some Etsy wear!

  5. that 2nd picture is so "yes, we are lovers and we are unashamed". hehe. love it!

    off to your etsy!


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