Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Tooth!

It is official! We have our first tooth! It has been lingering in sight below his gums for about a week now. It finally broke the surface yesterday morning after what seemed like only mild discomfort. Look! PROOF!!!

I am simply amazed that he is 5 months old. We have his "big boy carseat" sitting in our living room, waiting to be installed. I nearly choked when I called the pediatrician today to schedule his 6 month checkup... 6 MONTHS...

We also went to the Babies R Us today to buy him fast flow nipples for his bottles... and an umbrella stroller for our trip coming up in July. Time is just flying... I knew it would, I expected it to, but of course, it is going faster than I imagined.

We are still waiting for my damn period to come. It was supposed to come on the 19th, but that day came and went, and still no period. Now, I hope that it waits for a couple more weeks because if it comes in the next few days, then we will miss this potential first insemination. That would really stink. We are taking a little vacation to pick up a camper from Southern CA- but I will talk more about that later. I would hate to be in Southern California whilst my eggs are desiring some company...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wouldn't I Love...

Wouldn't I love to have an unlimited amount of time to bloggity blog blog my days away? It used to be that way. It is amazing how an entire day can- and does completely pass you by when you have a baby... It seems as though I wake up at the butt-crack of dawn with a chipper little fella', make a bottle, change a diaper, oops, change another diaper, check AN email, play with baby, check AN email, feed the baby, wrangle the baby to sleep, check 2 emails, maybe take the day-old laundry out of the washer... whoops, eeeew, put the wet, day-old laundry back in the washer, make some coffee, leave it on the counter to get the baby, change a diaper, play with the baby, eat a york peppermint patty for lunch, nuke the cold coffee in the microwave, put it down to play with the baby, make an Etsy item, check AN email, feed the baby, nuke the cold coffee again, put wet laundry in the drier, get a break when mindi takes the baby, make 3 more Etsy items, nuke the damn coffee again, play with baby while mindi kindly makes dinner, put baby down to sleep, kiss mindi and giggle for a while, think about getting out of my pjs, decide to stay in my pjs, eat dinner, change the baby, check an email, stare blankly at a wall, nuke the coffee, fold the laundry, feed the baby, throw the coffee away, go to bed.

I am amazed that Harris has sat on my lap for as long as it just took me to type this post with my left hand...

Alas, I have to go get that laundry, AND, for those of you interested, I have just started rolling out my newest item- upcycled baby caps! I will be posting more shortly, but there are a couple in my shop for your perusal!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mr. Peepers

I knew the day would come when our little boy would discover that he has a, well, you know. I pictured it, in my head, a pimply- faced little boy, blushing about his morning wood when I came in to get him up for school... No, not really. I figured he would learn about it earlier than that, BUT I never really knew when to expect it. Much to my giggles, he has discovered Mr. Peepers. Apparently, from what I have read, it is the typical time for him to discover it. Who would have thunk? I guess I figured he would touch it like he touches everything else, but I didn't expect him to, well, caress it as he does... I laugh the hardest when I am barely done getting his diaper off, and his hand is already fishing. The best part about it is the giggles from him that come with it.

Ah, wouldn't it be great to be so innocent again?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life's Sweetest Things

I remember back when Harris was first born and he would give us his cute little newborn gas smiles. After about 7 weeks, those gas smiles turned into real smiles- and although you could tell the difference between the two, the even that was to be the "first real smile" was fairly anti-climatic. After all, gas or not, our baby had been smiling the whole time.

Harris is working on a few things right now. He has mastered the "raspberries" that he had been working on last week. He is currently working on doing sit-ups- the precursor to sitting. He loves to sit supported, but as of yet, he has not quite gotten even the tripod sit. He does tense up his torso, however, in an attempt to pseudo-sit. I am under the impression that he is currently teething. I have read many a blog that told of the terrors of teething, what to look for, what to expect, but as with anything else, you never really understand it until it happens with your baby. There have been a lot of tears today, along with a lot of drooling and gnawing. If I pull down his bottom lip, I can CLEARLY see his two front bottom teeth. The gums are slightly red as well. I can see the 2 teeth so clearly, in fact- meaning the ENTIRE tooth- not just the top edge. It almost seems as if the teeth are going to come forward, as opposed to up if that makes sense. I can hear Harris and Mindi on the monitor as I type this. Poor baby. Poor Mindi.

On a happier note, in reference to the first paragraph (I got off track there for a minute...) Unlike the anti-climatic smile experience, Harris did something today that we had not yet experienced that melted Both Mindi's and my hearts. As I was trying to comfort Harris, Mindi, on the bed by my side, started singing to him. He calmed down, looked at her and reached up to her with both arms. It was quite a special moment- one that we had been waiting for...

I cannot believe that he is almost 5 months old!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay California!

Today, the California Supreme Court reversed a lower court decision and ruled that same-sex couples have the same right to marry as opposite-sex couples under the state constitution. The court ruled that it is a violation of the state constitution to deny same-sex couples the right to marry, and that providing rights to same-sex couples through a separate system of domestic partnerships does not satisfy the state constitution.

CA is now the 2nd state to legalize gay marriage. Wahoooo!

In other news, we just had a new roof put on our house today! Woohoo! Our house is a wee little house in an ok neighborhood. I wouldn't say that it is th eugliest house in the world, but despite our decent landscaping, it was lacking in curb appeal. Well hott- damn if a new roof isn't just the thing to brighten up any house! We chose a different color- instead of the odd geenidh-grey that we had before, we went with a beautiful chocolate brown- it's delish! Who knew one could (or would) salivate over a roof! Here, I have proof!

In other news, I had the privelage of meeting Cedarflame in person yesterday! She's a wild one folks! ;) It was quite lovely! She (so graciously) purchased Alfred the Sock Monkey form my Etsy shop and so I delivered it to her. We chit chatted, drank tea, and let Harris drool on us, all while enjoying her beautiful purple lilacs that she apparently stole from a lilac bush in front of the neighborhood crack house. How quaint! I see more play dates in our future!

Oh, and by the way, Cedarflame, go leave some feedback in my Etsy shop m'kay?? Thanks, you're a doll!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Etsy Land- Here I Come!

Last night I was an Etsy listing fiend. From about 9pm to 10:45, I sat at my comp, and listed my Etsy wares. I can't believe I currently have 26 items listed, and I didn't even get to list all of them! I am so jazzed that I have made 4 sales so far (thanks TPK for your patronage! Your package went out yesterday!!- Don't forget to leave feedback when you get your package!) I still have to list about 12 more things, and I have a number more projects in the making. Please check out my shop! Woohoo!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And We Have Ovulation...

Wahoo! According to Fertility Friend, I ovulated 3 days ago. Family Style Love, has just become a ttc blog once again! I am currently in the 2 week wait to get my period again. Once the period starts, the drugs start. I blogged our full protocol here back in December. Birth=natural, TTC=all the drugs we can muster. If I get my period on schedule, it looks like we should be inseminating right around June 2ndish. Wahoo!

More Harris loving- can you believe our boy can stand on his own???!!! (oh, and play the piano! ;)

Monday, May 5, 2008

busy busy busy

I have not been at my computer for about a week. Mindi is working on her comprehensive exams for her PhD program, and so I am on 100% baby duty during the day. Add to that, the fact that I waitress a few nights per week, and so that leaves little time to schmooze online. Because we knew that Mindi would have to have absolutely no interruptions, I relocated my entire sewing shop upstairs to the dining room. I brought with me, of course, the play mat and the excer-saucer for the boy, and the living and dining areas are both in shambles. Seriously. It is almost too hard to walk through the 2 rooms... But, on the upside to me relocating upstairs, is that I have been uber productive with making things for my Etsy shop, which, by the way, I FINALLY opened! You can see my Etsy Mini to the right, or you can take a look at my shop here. I am totally jazzed that I have already made 2 sales :). I think I only have about 11 things in my shop right now, but i have about 30 more things that just need final touches before I can list them!

And for the photo hungry people out there- I caught Harris making out with the sock monkey that I lovingly hand sewed for his pleasure. Enjoy!


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