Sunday, April 20, 2008

What's New?

Ok everyone- I am down 12 lbs so far! Weeee! I am still going strong on my diet, and have not cheated at all!!

Harris is frickin' adorable, (of course). We had some professional pictures taken of him on Tuesday! Yay!

We have been thinking about a bigger house... we will see how that turns out. In fact, this post is super short because we are about to run out to check out some open houses! Here are some pics!


  1. He is so beautiful... and he looks so grown up!!!

  2. He is so cute!!!!!!! He surly knows how to pose. lol

  3. What a doll!! He is just gorgeous!!

  4. Awesome Lynn! I am seriously impressed. It takes a lot of committment to do that, and you haven't gone off of it at all!! VERY PROUD!!!!

    And, I know I told you on FF, but he is simply precious.

  5. Do you have the cutest little man ever?? I think maybe you do. :) Congrats on your shrinking ability. I've heard "baby weight" is super stubborn.

  6. he is so so so beautiful! such a ham! and i love the random scenarios professional photographers put babies in. "ok, harris. for this one i want you to think, 'i'm lounging on a rock by a babbling brook.' perfect!"

    *my silly aside is not meant to, in any way, diminish the absolute adorableness of that photo. it gave me a braxton hicks contraction.

    keep us posted on house 2.0 search! this is the time to find one!

  7. Oh boy!! the lil man is growing up soooo fast

  8. What great photos!! He is very photogenic, but so are you!

    Congrats on the weight loss!! Rah Rah Rah!!!

  9. Wow he looks so much like you in those pictures. very cute pics.


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