Monday, April 14, 2008


Well ladies, I have hit a milestone! I have just hit negative 10 Lbs! That's 10 pounds down on the MediFast diet! I have now been on the MediFast diet for 21 days, and it is obviously working! I was not so sure that I would be able to do this diet when I first started it... but alas! Here I am, I still have not cheated AT ALL- IN 21 DAYS! Wahoo!

Next time you guys go to the grocery store, go to the produce section and pick up a 10 pound sack of potatoes and think of me :).


  1. lol....congrats!!!!
    Now back to the Boy!!!! Picturees
    You knwo it's not always about you Lynn! :-)

  2. holy crap!! way to go go!!! that is so awesome!! hard work pays off eh?? congrats again - you should be proud of yourself, sticking to a diet is hard work!!

    okay, now i must chat with you! spoke with a midwife today, and i think we're going to go that route (home/water birth with a midwife - unmedicated). I am a little freaked about the pain....and labour lasting a really long time...just wanted to get some advice and tips from you, and input on how best to handle all of this. I always loved the idea of going natural (a calm environment for the baby to be born in, music and candles), but the pain thing scared me away. SOOO, any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance Lynn! :)

  3. wow that is awesome! congrats! so glad all your hard work paid off. :)

  4. You go grrrrll! That is awesome!


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