Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not Dead

Wow, sorry I have been MIA! I was politely reminded that I was being lazy and that a few lovely folks were having Harris withdrawal...

First off, I have to say CONGRATULATIONS to Chronicles of Conception! Tiff just got her positive pregnancy test! This excites me on so many levels! First off, she is a lesbian, which is bound to create excitement! Second, their journey to a positive was relatively quick, and third, we have/had the same due date! Wild! She is Due Dec. 20th. I know that her baby (like mine) probably will not come ON the due date, but our babies will be (almost exactly) 1 year apart!!! Wahooo!

On our own ttc# news, we had an appointment to see our Dr. on April 3rd. She gave me an Rx for Metformin (to help regulate my cycles) and told me to chart this cycle and the next. SO ladies, we are on the lookout for 2, count them, 1, 2 more periods and then we get to insperminate! That puts us in mid-May for jumping back on the TTC bandwagon! Yippee!

Another great thing that is happening is that the diet that I spoke of is WORKING! I've lost 6.5 pounds in 2 weeks so far! The size 12 jeans that I purchased a few weeks ago as my "in-between jeans" are now TOO BIG. I can actually pull them down without unbuttoning them. :) I am planning to stay on the diet until I get pregnant. Then, I will obviously go back to eating normal, healthy food! I highly suggest this diet. If you have at least 35 pounds to lose to get to your goal weight, then go check out MediFast.

I have also been busy once again at my sewing machine! - what a surprise! Little Harris is growing up, and of course, growing up means growing OUT of his size small gDiapers! Like a good mommy, I ordered some new little gPants in medium. I had 2 pairs already, and so I started to make a set of medium sized cloth inserts. 40 of them. The pockets were all finished in a few days! Yay! They didn't fit! Ya.... what?!?!?! 40 INSERTS WERE TOO SMALL!!!! ACK! What a royal PAIN IN MY DONKEY!!! Alas, I have decided to make the new pockets into smalls for the next baby and I am going to try to sell my old cloth inserts, which, are actually still almost brand new! I think I used the "new ones" for maybe only 2-3 weeks! Oy. Well, if anyone out there in blogland is using small gDiapers, and would like to purchase 30 (or less) Microfiber/ cotton flannel/fleece cloth inserts, let me know! They worked really really well- they were very very absorbent and they are cute to boot!

Soooooo, along with my sewing ventures and mis-steps, I have been doing a little sewing and crafting for my Etsy shop that I would like to open! I will definitely put up a link when it is ready!

So yeh, I have been a busy little bee.

Here are a few photos that I took of Harris today. He is modeling some of the baby legwarmers I would like to sell in my Etsy store! Eat your Heart out!


  1. looks like that hand tastes good!

    you MADE those legwarmers? I LOVE THEM!

  2. we're going to be ttc buddies in May! here's to hoping for success for us both!

    we love the leg warmers too! once we're pregnant (with #2) and probably several months in (we're jewish ya know), we're going to want to buy some for sure!

  3. Thanks for the congrats lady!!! (I am still ON THE MOON!)

    1) Way to go on the weight loss!! 12's are already falling off you!? Wow!!! Very proud of you!!!

    2) So exciting that you guys will be trying again in May!!! I'm pumped for both of you!!! It'll be cool to read about you TTC and then your pregnancy again!!

    3) Thank you for posting Harris pics! (they were great!!) He is getting so big, and is just too cute for words. ALSO, those leg warmers are so adorable it's sick. I shall buy I pair when your shop is open (and maybe when we know the sex of the wee one!).

  4. Those leg warmers are hot! I especially love the picture of your little man with the red and pink get-up - it's adorable. Great pictures and thanks for sharing your story.

  5. sighhhhhhhhh I feel less shakey now. He has a really long body, I think he is going to be tall and handsome.

  6. The legwarmers are fabulous--your store is going to be great!

    Congrats on having a date for jumping back into TTC.

  7. he is so handsome! and what beautiful light for those photos too! nicely shot :)

    LOVING the legwarmers. you've got a customer.

  8. I LOVE your legwarmers. I am excited for you guys that you are going to start TTCing again so soon. Do you love the gdiapers? I am sort of obsessed with them (even though we don't have a baby yet).

  9. I love those legwarmers! We will definitely stock up on them once we're preggers. :)


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