Friday, April 25, 2008

4 months

Today we had Harris' 4 month check-up! He is up tp 15Lbs 3oz and a whopping 27inches! That 27 inches puts him the 95th% for height! He handled his shits (*ETA*: LOL OOPS! I MEANT SHOTS YES, THANKS-SHOTS! LOL) like a trooper too! -He already knows how to make his mommies proud! I was fully expecting the "rice cereal talk" with our pediatrician. It seems to be the trend that the peds like to suggest the good ol' rice cereal around 4 months. I have always been hesitant about the rice cereal concept, however, because I have always believed that a baby should wait to start solids until they were 6 months or older. I have also read about, and agree with the concept of BLW or "Baby Led Weaning". I even told Mindi before we went "now, I know that the ped is going to talk rice cereal, but I do not want to start it this early". She understood my point and so we agreed to smile and nod.

We went, the ped started the rice cereal talk, we smiled, we nodded, we went to Target, we giggled, we bought rice cereal. I was kicking myself inside, saying "now Lynn, you told yourself you would wait- what are you doing?!" Well, the curiosity was too much to bear. The curiosity of what? I don't know, the fact that the very act of putting something on a spoon into your babies mouth somehow makes them more human. And so, we rushed home to try it.

Much to my relief- he didn't like it. He couldn't even swallow it- and it made for a really cute picture and video. I really feel better knowing that I am not denying my baby of something that he really wanted or something silly like that. I am glad to know that my gut has not failed me yet. We will probably try it again in a week or so, but I don't really want to. For now, here is a cute pic of the rice cereal experiment!


  1. Um, I think there's a typo there about his, ah, shots....

    What a cutie!!

  2. He has diarrhea? Huh. At least he handles it like a trooper. :)

  3. Ha ha. That shot is hilarious. He does not look he's saying "NO RICE FOR ME!". He really is darling though!

  4. Why would he want to eat something that looks like something he pukes up everyday?

  5. hummmmm ok how do i say this nicely


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