Friday, April 25, 2008

4 months

Today we had Harris' 4 month check-up! He is up tp 15Lbs 3oz and a whopping 27inches! That 27 inches puts him the 95th% for height! He handled his shits (*ETA*: LOL OOPS! I MEANT SHOTS YES, THANKS-SHOTS! LOL) like a trooper too! -He already knows how to make his mommies proud! I was fully expecting the "rice cereal talk" with our pediatrician. It seems to be the trend that the peds like to suggest the good ol' rice cereal around 4 months. I have always been hesitant about the rice cereal concept, however, because I have always believed that a baby should wait to start solids until they were 6 months or older. I have also read about, and agree with the concept of BLW or "Baby Led Weaning". I even told Mindi before we went "now, I know that the ped is going to talk rice cereal, but I do not want to start it this early". She understood my point and so we agreed to smile and nod.

We went, the ped started the rice cereal talk, we smiled, we nodded, we went to Target, we giggled, we bought rice cereal. I was kicking myself inside, saying "now Lynn, you told yourself you would wait- what are you doing?!" Well, the curiosity was too much to bear. The curiosity of what? I don't know, the fact that the very act of putting something on a spoon into your babies mouth somehow makes them more human. And so, we rushed home to try it.

Much to my relief- he didn't like it. He couldn't even swallow it- and it made for a really cute picture and video. I really feel better knowing that I am not denying my baby of something that he really wanted or something silly like that. I am glad to know that my gut has not failed me yet. We will probably try it again in a week or so, but I don't really want to. For now, here is a cute pic of the rice cereal experiment!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What's New?

Ok everyone- I am down 12 lbs so far! Weeee! I am still going strong on my diet, and have not cheated at all!!

Harris is frickin' adorable, (of course). We had some professional pictures taken of him on Tuesday! Yay!

We have been thinking about a bigger house... we will see how that turns out. In fact, this post is super short because we are about to run out to check out some open houses! Here are some pics!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Well ladies, I have hit a milestone! I have just hit negative 10 Lbs! That's 10 pounds down on the MediFast diet! I have now been on the MediFast diet for 21 days, and it is obviously working! I was not so sure that I would be able to do this diet when I first started it... but alas! Here I am, I still have not cheated AT ALL- IN 21 DAYS! Wahoo!

Next time you guys go to the grocery store, go to the produce section and pick up a 10 pound sack of potatoes and think of me :).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who is Your Daddy? Revisited

I received an interesting comment on my last post and thought I would share it:

Anonymous said...
I think you may be missing the part where the donor is a human being. The part where usually the male half of a genetic person is called "father" or "dad" regardless of his parental input. As the mother of a child conceived in this way I find it offensive that many women would like ignore the genetic truth. This of course is different then being a parent, but it does mean that another person contributed to my family. I respect that person, and I am gentle with people who don't know what terms I use and may simply be curious about my family. I always can choose to decline to answer questions about my family. Throwing around a donor ID is just crass. I have chosen not to know the families of my child because I believe that some things are private, and that some things he should have exclusive rights to share. I nearly choked when I read your post. Of course it's your right to share any of your private business you choose, but I really felt it was insensitive to those of us who don't want to know if you picked the same donor.I'm eternally thankful to the man who made my family possible. He deserves only good things in life, and especially he deserves respect. Without him my family would not be possible.

My Response:

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your thought-provoking comment. I realize that everyone views these matters differently, and I certainly appreciate hearing other people's take on the matter. I do understand, and agree that the donor is, in fact, a human being, however, for our purposes, he is no such thing. That was part of the glory for us that is an "anonymous donor". We specifically picked a donor that did not want to EVER be known, because we simply wanted the genes that he literally sold to us. We purchased a product. The product was called 2452. But don't worry, anonymous, I won't tell you what store we bought it from.
And for the record, I have NEVER corrected anyone that referred to our donor as "father". I am a "let it slide" kind of gal. I just felt I would share my feelings in the blog because Family Style Love is my outlet.
I greatly enjoyed your commentary. I found it to be well thought out and portrayed in a manner that was not hurtful. Thank you anonymous- and have a great day!
-Lynn :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

You know what drives me bonkers? When people, who are supportive and/or simply curious about my alternative family, specifically in the donor/resulting baby concept, refer to the donor as "the father".

What color eyes does "the father" have? What kind of hair does "the father" have? How old is "the father". Are you going to have your next baby with "the same father"?

Um, no... no no no no no no no no no no no

there is NO FATHER people...

there is a Donor
there is biological matter
there is sperm
there is a Doctor
and a nurse
and some drugs
and a few speculums thrown in for good measure, But, there is NOT and never HAS been, and never WILL be a "father".

For the love of lesbians people, that guy- yeh, you know the one... he does have a title... it's not "the father"

it is simply: Donor 2452

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not Dead

Wow, sorry I have been MIA! I was politely reminded that I was being lazy and that a few lovely folks were having Harris withdrawal...

First off, I have to say CONGRATULATIONS to Chronicles of Conception! Tiff just got her positive pregnancy test! This excites me on so many levels! First off, she is a lesbian, which is bound to create excitement! Second, their journey to a positive was relatively quick, and third, we have/had the same due date! Wild! She is Due Dec. 20th. I know that her baby (like mine) probably will not come ON the due date, but our babies will be (almost exactly) 1 year apart!!! Wahooo!

On our own ttc# news, we had an appointment to see our Dr. on April 3rd. She gave me an Rx for Metformin (to help regulate my cycles) and told me to chart this cycle and the next. SO ladies, we are on the lookout for 2, count them, 1, 2 more periods and then we get to insperminate! That puts us in mid-May for jumping back on the TTC bandwagon! Yippee!

Another great thing that is happening is that the diet that I spoke of is WORKING! I've lost 6.5 pounds in 2 weeks so far! The size 12 jeans that I purchased a few weeks ago as my "in-between jeans" are now TOO BIG. I can actually pull them down without unbuttoning them. :) I am planning to stay on the diet until I get pregnant. Then, I will obviously go back to eating normal, healthy food! I highly suggest this diet. If you have at least 35 pounds to lose to get to your goal weight, then go check out MediFast.

I have also been busy once again at my sewing machine! - what a surprise! Little Harris is growing up, and of course, growing up means growing OUT of his size small gDiapers! Like a good mommy, I ordered some new little gPants in medium. I had 2 pairs already, and so I started to make a set of medium sized cloth inserts. 40 of them. The pockets were all finished in a few days! Yay! They didn't fit! Ya.... what?!?!?! 40 INSERTS WERE TOO SMALL!!!! ACK! What a royal PAIN IN MY DONKEY!!! Alas, I have decided to make the new pockets into smalls for the next baby and I am going to try to sell my old cloth inserts, which, are actually still almost brand new! I think I used the "new ones" for maybe only 2-3 weeks! Oy. Well, if anyone out there in blogland is using small gDiapers, and would like to purchase 30 (or less) Microfiber/ cotton flannel/fleece cloth inserts, let me know! They worked really really well- they were very very absorbent and they are cute to boot!

Soooooo, along with my sewing ventures and mis-steps, I have been doing a little sewing and crafting for my Etsy shop that I would like to open! I will definitely put up a link when it is ready!

So yeh, I have been a busy little bee.

Here are a few photos that I took of Harris today. He is modeling some of the baby legwarmers I would like to sell in my Etsy store! Eat your Heart out!


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