Thursday, March 27, 2008

Total Slacker!!!

Wow, it was Mindi that called me on it this time "wow, you haven't posted a new blog lately!"... apparently, you guys enjoyed the pictures of the family I posted 6 days ago to keep you satiated for 6. whole. days...

Not much new stuff to report really. I am back at work (I am a waitress) 3 nights a week. It has been a little rough for me and Mindi alike. I cry every time I leave my little bundle, and Mindi is stuck with the baby alone for 4-8 hours, depending. That last part may not seem tough to anyone else that has a partner with a 9-5 job, but we are used to being together (the three of us) all the time so, well, it is different for us. If I am ever going nutso because the baby is screaming and I can't figure out why, I can usually hand him over to mindi for a few moments of sanity recuperation... and, vice versa. But, with me off serving other people besides my baby and Mindi (wink) Mindi has to fare it alone. Some nights are better than others, as would be expected.

As some of you may recall, I was doing the South Beach Diet a few weeks back. I highly recommend this diet to anyone who wants to either lose weight, or simply form better eating habits. It is really a great diet, and I have been successful at it a number of times, but for some reason, my body wasn't having it this time. I got pretty frustrated after dropping a mere 4 Lbs. over the course of 3 weeks. (Typically, 3 weeks of phase One would have had me at least 10-12 Lbs lighter). I decided, that since I REALLY want to lose weight before I get pregnant again, I would try something else. So, I ordered MediFast. It is basically a low calorie shakes and bars deal. I am beginning my third day on the diet today. I ordered the 4 week plan, and when I got the boxes of food in the mail, I basically stuck 5 mix packets together and tied them up. So now, I have this box of "food" sitting on my dining room table of little hot-cocoa looking packets in bundles. It is... interesting... You can see below, that each bundle is an entire days worth of food (minus a "lean & green" meal that I prepare myself). I really hope it works- I am getting sick of the flabbies...

We also attended our childbirth class reunion! That was fun! There were only 4 couples in the class, and one of the couples was, unfortunately, a no-show, but it was nice to meet the other 2 babies and parents! This picture is a great one showing just how short Mindi and I are. Of course, the other parents were all fairly tall, but I bet you that Harris will be as tall as the tallest guy in the picture... our donor was that tall...

I see playdates in our future...!

I figured I would add these last 2 pictures because they are darn tootin' cute!

Entitled: "The Lip"

Entitled: "WHA?!"


  1. Hi!


    I didn't realize that Mindi worked at home - how fun that you all get to spend so much time together.

    Can't wait to hear how the new diet goes.

  2. He is so precious!!! Getting really big too!!!

    Good for you for doing the diet. Let us know how the Medifast stuff goes. I've heard really good things about South Beach... your post-baby-body may just be a little more stubborn. Way to go on losing 4 lbs though! That's great!

    I also didn't know Mindi worked from home - what does she do? It's awesome that you guys have been able to spend so much time together. The pics were great - keep posting em!

  3. Ok so my question is if you are on the beach and medifast when are you guys planing to give me another Harris tor Harrisa to obsess over?

  4. I missed you, but I figured I wouldn't whine about it. As a new mom you have your hands full.

    Love the little lip pic. He IS getting big and so dang cute.

  5. i can totally relate to the stress of leaving even if for only a few hours. Melanie and I both work from home so when either of us was gone early on it was definitely stressful for the other. ryan's over 2 now and i still give mel crap when she has to leave to do something for work during a time where she's normally "tagged".

  6. I completely understand the stress of being alone with the baby!

    I work full-time and my wife stays home with our daughter - but when I am home alone with her - I feel much as I love the time with my daughter - I like knowing Amy is there to help me out (aka...give me a restroom break)


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