Sunday, March 9, 2008

Note to Self...

I love the fact that I have a widget on my computer desktop that looks like a Post-It note. You know what else I love? The fact that that little Post-It note on my computer desktop contains the words: Buy Sperm.

I just love it! The website is currently "experiencing problems" so I will have to remember to do it tomorrow, as well as call the sperm storage place to give them the heads up to expect the shipment, as well as pay my $200 storage fee, and call the Dr.'s office to schedule a pap smear and yearly exam... teehee!

This is the first step towards: Project Sibling


  1. Are you guys trying again already?! You are baby-makin' machine girl!

  2. wow, you guys aren't wasting any time!

  3. cool! a new bebe. and a great widget too. I want it.

  4. yay for sperm! post-it widgets! and the super cool picture! (hot!)

  5. Wow...I said to DP the other day that I was ready to try again. But I was (kinda) joking! Are you trying again or just preparing in order to save time later on?

  6. What???What did i miss... did i skip liek a year ..what the hell?
    No really...come on...I feel liek you are messing with me...Come on..really? Stop playing....
    You guys planning to give me a second Harris to obsess about??

  7. Oh, and this person doesn't look like either of you. Is this a flashback or something?


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