Monday, March 31, 2008


I was tagged by Tiff over at Chronicles of Conception.... I was also tagged by L. a few posts ago, however, as much as I know that I have been to L.'s blog before, the link was broken and I couldn't get to her blog to figure out what I had been tagged for... I know, I am a bad blogger... alas...

Rules, rules, rules: post what you’ve got on the table (chair, nightstand, whatever) beside your bed. Leave nothing out. Nothing. Link back to the kind person who tagged you and then tag 3 other folks. Really tag them - none of this “whoever hasn’t done this meme yet” tagging.

Lets see, I have a "classic" bedside table with 2 drawers. On top is...
1. A digital, leather looking clock that I found on mega clearance at Target for $6 and change
2. A blue ceramic candle holder with a tea light candle in it
3. A blue Asian pillar candle holder with a 3x4 Biscotti scented candle on it
4. A little gold bowl in which I keep my "High Maintenance" Lip Balm (you guys HAVE to go to David and Goliath, Inc. It is the coolest shop- I mean, who else sells lip balm with names like "Chillin with My Gnomies", "Jesus is a Honkey", and "Lil' Slut"... not to mention the fact that the flavors are nummy nummy AND it does the job a great lip balm should!)... it also contains my vicks inhaler and random hair clippies and earring backs.
5. I also have our baby monitor (funny, because our baby sleeps in our bed with us...)
6. A burp cloth
7. A fictional novel called Midwives

That is everything on top... I won't go into what is INSIDE the nightstand, but I will say that the top drawer is "clean", and the bottom drawer, is, well,... "dirty"



  1. 8 days without a blog about Harris. What did we do wrong?

  2. Ok ahh. I knwo that we all have a life outside of blogging, But COME ON SHELLY!!!!Nothing since March 31st? What's up with that? I need my harris fix!

  3. your comment on my blog was so cute!!! "excuse me???" that made me laugh!! you sounded so surprised! i am SOOOO excited....i'm actually in total shock. due dec 20!!! ahh. it'll sink in soon i'm sure!!

    post something girl, we miss you!!! how is baby boy?


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