Monday, March 3, 2008

I love me some diapers!

You know, I wonder if they make diapers anonymous... I am back at it again girls! About 2 weeks ago, I purchased my first Serger (SCORE!) I was SO EXCITED about it, because I really wanted to make cloth wipes so that I could get rid of the tiny, slimy, chemical-laden, forget-about-using-just-one-for-a-poop disposable wipes. I bought some terrycloth and some flannel and went to town! I made about 30ish wipes and I LOVE them! I made them about 5inches by 8inches to fit perfectly in my Prince Lionheart wipes warmer (which I really love and can be purchased at BRU and Wal-Fart). I make my own solution of about 12 ounces warm water, a dollop of baby wash and a smidge of tea tree oil. It smells lovely (assuming you like TT oil) and it cleans up messes 10,000 times better than aforementioned disposable wipes. And, I just toss them into my diaper pail when I am done using them. It is as easy as pie!

So, after acquiring my new serger and going to town on the cloth wipes (and might I mention that the cloth wipe project was just kind of practice, as it was the first time I had ever used a serger...) I decided that I wanted to tweak my cloth diaper pocket insert design because they were kind of, well, falling apart...

I have picked out some delicious new fabric and I am going to town on them today! I will let you know how they turn out... wheeee!

and the token boy picture...(cuz I take a million a day...)


  1. Ok it's frigging scary how much he looks like you...I know you are his mama and all but dang! can you say "Spit Him Up!" You have to do profile shots!

  2. Okay I feel better now. I have stopped shaking and stuff. Thanks! I love this kids looks. It is like you point a camera at him and he does some serious look vogueing. I wonder where he got that from?

  3. Very cool. It had never crossed my mind to make wipes with a solution and to fit inside the warmer.


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