Thursday, March 13, 2008


Ok friends, there seemed to be many inquiries about my last post... To set the record staright, YES Mindi and I will be trying for Harris' sibling ASAP. (hence the pregnancy tests, sperm, etc.

I am currently still waiting for my first post partum period, but I have an appointment with my Ob/Gyn on April 3rd. During that appointment, I will most likely get my annual exam, and I will also be consulting on the potential to have her jumpstart my periods. Before becoming pregnant with Harris, I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). Many of you may be familiar with it- I know ther were a few other girls that had the same problem. PCOS basically screws up ovulation and cycles. She may, once again, give me an Rx for Metformin, which will help my ittle ovaries calm down and start working again, along with (possibly) progesterone to get aunt flo in gear. Because I am not breastfeeding, my period should not stay away for long. At that appointment, I will speak to her about when it is feasable for us to begin IUIs again. I know that there is a possibility that I could get pregnant right away, and I know that there is a possibility that I may not get pregnant for 2 more years. We just have to try try try. If I could have my wish, I would get pregnant again RIGHT AWAY. Some people may think that I am crazy, but here is my reasoning...

1. I want a sibling for Harris that is VERY CLOSE in age. I want this because I feel (from my own experience, as well as Mindi's) that siblings closer in age are more closely bonded during their childhood through adolesence.

2. I am really excited to give birth again. While I did not especially enjoy being pregnant, I LOVED the experience of giving birth- man, it was INCREDIBLE!!!

3. If Mindi and I decide that we want more than 2 kids, we will not be getting too old to have a whole whord of them... ;)

4. More tax deductions. No, that was just a joke ha ha.

And for your viewing pleasure, her is a little video of tummy time- yes, he makes noise! A lot of noise! Weeee!



  1. My brother and I are like 11 months or so apart. My mother said it was like haveing twins. When we were young we were close.He was older and very protective.

    I think people who want children and have them close together are doing the children a favor.

    Just don't be like my friend and her husband, they had 8 kids and I don't I remember ever seeing her not pregnant in 8 years.

    Will it be a different sperm donor?

  2. We want our kids to be close in age as well. Are you aiming for 3 or have you decided? At the moment, 3 sounds like a good number for us. Of course,I reserve the right to change that number at any time during our journey... :)

    Harris could've lifted his head if he wanted to, but sticking his fist in his mouth seemed like a better course of action.

  3. Yes, I forgot to mention that it is the same donor!

  4. you are so on the ball!

    we'll start ttcing again a year from now. we have more of the same donor on ice.

    i know it could take forever to get preg again, as it did this last time, but i am dead set against having them less than two years apart...i don't think i could handle it.

  5. Awesome awesome awesome. Love that you guys are going to try as soon as you can. I think it's such a gift to your kids to have children close in age. I adored that vid of harris too. The smile at the end of the video was simply precious! Your boy is TOO cute! I'm all excited to follow your journey now to get pregnant!! I hope for you and Mindi that it is a SHORT one :)

  6. okkk...Where are his bodyguards??
    get the Paparazzi awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......
    Oh i think he say hi to us at the end!!!
    HI HARRIS!!!

  7. O my gawd. He's so cute that it actually hurts. My kidney hurts right now from that cute ass video. Like kryptonite for Superman!!!

  8. I LOVE how talkative he is! What a cutie pie:)

  9. How exciting! If we weren't planning a big move and trying to find Meghan a new job in a new city, I think we would be working on Project Sibling also!
    We're a bit nervous about trying to have kids close in age, but also thinking y'know, we're already so used to the lack of sleep and change in lifestyle that it can't be that life-altering. I may regret making that statement, but oh well.
    Good luck!!

  10. OMG
    Back in December, I came across your page accidentally when i did some research about a contraction meter, when you were eating the pinneapple and the Hot stuff to get induced...and I've been following every single moment of your guys's life! and i've been fascinated and now I'm far way more fascinated, you guys will be growing as famiy very soon!

  11. ok, Harris is so darn cute I think *I* might eat his hand if he doesn't eat it first.

  12. Haha!!! I just found your blog today and I 'm sitting here with my 9 month old watching the video, when Harris "talks" My son is trying to talk back! Awww, how beautiful =)


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