Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Check, Check, and check...

Buy Sperm: check

Sign storage form and return to cryobank: check

Schedule appointment with Ob/Gyn: check

Buy an absurd amount of pregnancy tests: check

kiss my baby: check

take an absurd amount of pictures of my baby: check

lose my camera: check



  1. oh no, you lost your camera with crazy pics of me on it?! darn it anyways! :) j/k hope you found it

  2. We had a sperm run last month to stock up on DD's donor!

    You never know when there's going to be a mad rush on your donor and so I'm all for hoarding "the boys"!!

    Best of luck and way to get back in the stirrups so quickly!


  3. What's with the pregnancy tests? Are you trying again??!?!?

  4. So you when are you going to start trying for Harris's sibling? Are you going to carry again? Just being nosy... :)

  5. What do you mean lose your camera CHECK?

  6. Yes...more info to the curious ones....when are you trying again? are you going to carry this time, too?

    How exciting!!


  7. I read the last post and thought oh she is stocking up.

    Then this post with the pregnancy tests I said to La, is she going to try again NOW?
    Then I read a post from someone that said got pregnant on the first try and then they tried from when their first was 18months and now is 4years old and is still not pregnant.
    So I said to La, maybe Fam Style Love is on to something.

    Hope you find your camera!!


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