Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome to the Beach

It has begun, folks. I have decided to fight my baby bulge. I am doing the South Beach Diet. I luuuuv the South Beach Diet. I have done it 2 times before, and had great success both times. I find the diet to be easy to understand, and easy to stick to. It is not really a low carb diet like some other diets are. It is broken up into 3 phases, each lasting 2 weeks (or longer if you choose). The first phase is the hardest in terms of restriction- no breads/grains, etc, along with no FRUIT (which is rough when you need to find a way to satisfy a sweet tooth!). Of course, the second phase could be considered the hardest because you have to be very aware of the nutritional value of all the carbs you do put into your mouth, or, the third phase could be considered the hardest because you are being "set free" to eat the "right" carbs That, I think is where I have a tendancy to "lose it" if you will. I think that, for me, Phase 1 is the easiest. I mean, it is simple. No Carbs. So, I know that if it has a grain in it, or if it is sweet, it is a no no.

The only thing I really get sick of on the South Beach Diet is eggs. I eat so many eggs, it is not even funny- bleh!

Another thing I love about the South Beach, is how I am pretty much forced to step out of my "box" and try new dishes. I have been stuck in a rut of eating mac and cheese and cereal for the last 8 weeks... Now, I am eating things like Asparagus and goat cheese omletts, Peanut chicken stirfry, cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes, and brussle sprout skillets! Oooh lala!

And of course, here is another shamelss plug for my baby...

He is smiling so big 'cuz his mama is going to fit into her jeans again in a couple weeks...


  1. Holy Cow!!!!!! Did he grow?
    Good lord!

  2. That's one good lookin boy. :)

  3. WOW...I second GIA!!! He seems SO much bigger, and look at those facial expressions! How cute!!!!

    Ps. It looks like you guys have a bugaboo....or bugaboo-esque stroller by your pics. Care you share how you guys like your stroller?

  4. He could not possibly get any cuter. What a smile.

  5. congrats on the diet plunge! you're far stronger than i. i just got my lazy butt on board about 5 weeks ago and my daughter is 2 yrs 3 mos. kinda sad actually...


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