Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pull My Hair Out

Gia graced me with a lovely compliment that 'I was interesting' and that made me feel super warm and fuzzy. She also asked me if there were any moments [in my parenting experience] that made me want to pull my hair out. Well Gia, that is a tough question! I think that my little boy is a great, calm, baby. He really doesn't cry much, but as much as I can attribute to his pure perfection, I can honestly say that I can attribute the lack of crying somewhat to the way that Mindi and I are currently parenting him. How many pictures have I posted of him in the Moby? I mean, we RARELY put the kid down. Sure, he gets time on his playmat for tummy time and enrichment, but we are always right there with him and if he so much as whimpers, we are right there evaluating whether he needs something or maybe is just making noise for the sake of making noise. Because of the fact that we hold him all the time, we rarely miss a cue. If he is hungry or has to poop, we usually have enough warning to get or do what we need to before the waterworks begin. We also practice bedsharing, so I can go from a dead sleep to up, making a bottle, and begining the feed usually before he really starts crying. I guess though, that that is part of the one thing that really makes me want to pull my hair out. I am the one that handles the baby overnight- agreed upon because of the fact that I am the SAHM (stay at home mom) and Mindi is the WAHM (work at home mom). Because I am accutely aware of his whimpers and peeps, even if I was in a dead sleep, sometimes I find myself being a little too efficient. He whimpers, I pop a pacifier in his mouth, dash off to the kitchen, make a bottle, pop back into the bedroom, swoop up the little baby who is (uh oh) ccurrently sleeping with the pacifier... Into the nursery we go to feed and he is still sleeping. Damn it. That is it. That is what makes me want to pull my hair out- trying to feed a sleeping baby in the middle of the night when I am dead tired and I misinterpreted his stirring as hunger. It sucks so bad because I want nothing more than to be back in bed, and of course, he doesn't really care because he is sleeping anyways... and here I have a warm bottle of formula that will go to waste because I cannot re-refrigerate it after he has begun a feed, and much to my dismay, 3/4 of the bottle goes to waste. The cherry on top of that situation is the fact that, because he did not eat anything at the pseudo-feed, he wil be up, looking for a bottle (really) in 30-90 minutes....

Other than that, the only thing that makes me want to rip my hair out is my spare tire. Cuz, I mean, damn- just LOOK at him! What an ANGEL!


  1. Lmaooooo.....Thank you for addressing my question....I LOVE THE PIC YOU ENDED WITH.. It's like he is saying to me...WHAT? I'm an ANGEL!
    lol.... Gotta love it!

  2. I agree...attachement parenting is the way to go and makes life so much better and happier for everyone. (don't get me started on AP with twins...but that's another story!)

    Innocent question...why not give him the bottle in bed with you? That's part of the beauty of co-sleeping/family bed (IMHO) I'm sure you have a good reason, just curious...

    Peace and calm,

  3. Alissa- that's a great question! If I could breastfeed, I would certainly do it in the bed, so why not give a bottle in the bed? Well, at this point, there are 3 reasons- 1. I need to leave the room to change him anyway, 2. He is super gassy and sounds like a teredactyl, and 3. my Wife needs her sleep, so a screaming teredactyl is not in the cards for her!

    Thanks for asking!


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