Sunday, February 24, 2008

Product Rating

Tiff asked me to expound about my stroller- I am happy to oblige! Now, Tiff has her ducks in a row, let me tell you! Here she makes me proud with her Eddie Bauer High Chair find, and Here she shows off some toys and books that she already has for the twinkle in her eye... ;). Now, I feel that she has her wishful, dreamy eye on this stroller- the Bugaboo. Now, the Bugaboo was the stroller that we originally had our eye on, but, the high cost of this cadillac- oops, I mean stroller, is well, a bit out of our range at $800+. I won't go into all the delicious things that we loved about the Bugaboo- take 15 minutes, and go to the site and you will see for yourself I am sure...

In the end, we purchased the Kolcraft Contours stroller, and I am VERY happy with it. I am sure that Mindi would be happy with it too, if I ever let her drive it... If you go to the link, you can see all of the features, but my favorite features so far are the VERY roomy yet unobtrusive basket, the fact that the seat faces front or back, and the overall look- it is pretty darn stylish in my eyes! It was also very reasonably priced at $139.99. In fact, when we have our second baby, I am almost positive that I would opt to purchase the Contours Options Tandem Stroller. The ONLY downside to this stroller is the fact that you have to order it online and not in a store. I am the kind of person that likes to touch and feel things before I buy them. I was not disappointed, however, with this purchase :).

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Shelly over at the Purple Shellybeans blog! I am anxiously awaiting the details of her daughter's birth on Thursday, the 21st!! Yay Shelly!


  1. I also admired your stroller so am glad to read more about it. We did get suckered into the allure of the bugaboo, and fortunately for us, we were able to bid on it at a silent auction for Mother's Voices so for $500 (all proceeds went to the charity) we got our prized bugaboo. I've got to tell you, we get lots of compliments, no question about that and are the envy of many of the other stroller pushers wherever we go but I haven't found it to be worth all the hype. It didn't even come with a cup holder so finding one that fit was a pretty big under taking. We like that the seat can be forward or rear facing also, the suspension is fantastic but I would say those are the only really cool things aside from its looks. If I had paid retail, I'd be VERY disappointed!

  2. a friend of mine has that stroller too, and we have the very same one on our registry :)

  3. You're so funny! Thanks Lynn! Loves it!! I am definitely going to check into that one!!! I love the bugaboo, but it is just WAY too pricey. Your stroller looks sweet, and at an awesome price too!! DEFINITELY going to have to talk to the girl about that one. Loved that you posted a grumpy shot too!! But, honestly, he's cute when he's grumpy too! You can't avoid the cuteness; I don't care WHAT picture you post ;)


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