Thursday, February 7, 2008

More About Diapers

Shawna, asked me about flushing the "flushable gDiaper inserts" . This is a (slightly modified) version of the email I sent to her, answering her inquiries...

Have we exclusively flushed the inserts? Yes. Are we still flushing the inserts? No. Did we ever have a problem with our plumbing to make us stop flushing all of our inserts? No. I will say, however, that exclusive flushing of inserts will have to depend on your house's plumbing. The biggest problem that you would encounter is tree roots. Tree roots are a gDiaper flushable's worst enemy. If your house is brand new, it is probably root free, but if it is not brand new, chances are, roots may be finding their way into your pipes. The problem is not from the inner "pulp" that you swish with the swishstick. That stuff acts just like toilet paper. The potential problem material is actually the outside paper, which, unfortunately, is where the poop ends up... After a while of flushing, I thought about my 1945 plumbing and decided that we should cut down on flushing as a precautionary measure. I decided to start composting our pee pee inserts, and only flushing the poopy ones. I don't know if you have a yard in which you can compost, or a yard waste bin, but you may consider it... A little while later, I decided that I didn't want to flush the poopy ones either (unless I had my "dirty scissors" handy, in which case I would cut up the outer layer to help it not get caught). Because of the slightly disappointing realization that the flushable inserts may not be the best for my pipes, I really got turned on to the idea of the cloth liner. I never pegged myself as a cloth-diaperer- I just wasn't into it. And then, When I caught myself thinking of cloth liners for my g-pants, I realized how much money I could save, AND, although the whole system was essentially a cloth diaper, the methodology of it has more of a "menstrual pad in panties" feeling to it. Wow, yeh, that is really what it feels like! My kid has underwear, and I just "change the pad". I don't have to wash the cover every time (unlike a cloth diaper), and I don't have to have an entire load of laundry dedicated solely to diapers. It is sweet.Another great thing about the cloth liners is the money saving aspect of it. Using only the gDiapers flushables, makes each diaper change cost about .30 cents. I change my little guy's diaper about 10 times a day at least. So, $3.00 a day in flushables. Even if I only have 10 inserts, (1 full day of diaper changes) and I wash every other day, use cloth for 3.5 days out of the week, and I save almost $11.00 a week- which is almost 1 pack of flushables. :)By the way, if you do go just with the flushables, buy them by the case at free shipping if your order is over $50 (a case is $52).

Also, cedarflame asked me how many cloth inserts I made... her assumption was in the 100's... teehee....

Actually, I made 10 of the first ghetto set, and then 10 of the sweet pocket style that I bragged about. When all is said and done I would like to have about 24-30 inserts. Originally, after making the sweet pockets, I figured I would take apart all the old ghetto ones and use the fabric to make more of the sweet pocket ones. Then, after making the sweet pockets, I got lazy, and just left the ghetto ones in rotation and use them only when all the sweet pockets are dirty. Eventually I will take the ghetto ones out of rotation and make more sweet pockets, but until my new shipment of little gPants come in (the new style in sizes small and medium) I will wait because I want to verify that the sweet pockets will fit the new style smalls, and maybe even the mediums. If the sweet pockets are too small for the medium gPants, I will make another set in a larger size, using a different color fleece so that it will be easy to tell which size pockets go with which size gPants for the next baby that we are going to start trying for as soon as I get my period which is hopefully in the next 2 months or so... :)


  1. Thanks for the review, I'm considering these also! (due in August)

    You're trying for another baby soon? How exicitng!

  2. love the pic of mr man's big ol' belly! so sweet! was that after eating? our kids' bellies looked like that after meals when they were that tiny. and trying again so soon? go you guys! awesome!

  3. lol... I think he is posing....

  4. Hey! Cool! The Baby has my belly!!!


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