Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yay for firsts! I was scolded for not posting a picture of Harris in 3 days, so I will make up for it and post three!!

The Firsts...

February 18th- Harris' first trip in his stroller. It was a beautiful day in Seattle- mid 50's, so we decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood! He enjoyed the walk so much that he slept through 75% of it...

February20th: His second "First" was his first round of shots at the pediatrician's office- no, neither Mindi nor I cried... although, I can see why parents would! Note the cute little zoo bandaids on his little thighs...

Then, today, He took his first "Big Boy bottle"- He is moving up to 5 ounces per feed, and the "little baby bottles" only fir 4 ounces... Boy, this kid is growing too fast... 12 Lbs 7oz yesterday...

And, the first picture that everyone is looking at the camera, and has their eyes open!


    Ok I know I'm cute and all..But you have the most adorable family ever...
    Hi Harrissssss. hiiii It's crazy Gia from the internet!!! HIIIIIIII lol

  2. Are all those bandaids from shot spots? Cause if they are, I'm going to cry.

    You all look cute in the family picture, all Nuclear Family and stuff.

  3. Those were WELL worth waiting for! He is too precious!!

  4. You guys are so cute.

    5oz already? Holy carp! Punk JUST moved past 5oz bottles last week. I don't think she regularly had 5oz bottles until she was like 5 months old!

  5. cute cute boy and mamas! still freaks me out to see Harris' name on your blog. not sure if you saw...but "our" Harris is 5.5 years old now...and growing like a weed!

  6. Aw... you all are so cute!!! I see you are wearing your Moby in the last one - I'm often wearing mine whether my daughter is in it or not!

  7. Awh! You guys are simply precious. All of you!

  8. So cute!!! And I notice the puppy was in one too. . . kudos my friend! :)

  9. cute family pic! and cute boston! ; )

  10. how adorable... thanks for posting the family portrait.

  11. sooooo cute! is that a rock salt lamp? we have one of those and keep it on at all times. such calming energy. mmmmm.

    i LOVE that he's smiling now btw :)


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