Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Elimination Communication

The crazy girl is at it again. Regular diapers weren't enough for her- oh no, she needed gDiapers. She had perfectly acceptable flushable liners to use that were made for the gDiapers, but oh no no! She needed to make her own Cloth liners! So then, her gDiaper covers with fantastic cloth liners needed just a little extra something to augment the baby poop 'n pee experience...

Introducing Elimination Communication. Now, some of you may have heard of this, or you may have heard of it referred to as "Natural Infant Hygiene", "DiaperFree Baby", and, my least favorite, "Infant Potty Training".

Basically, the parent watches their baby and learns what the baby's cues are that they need to eliminate- you know, grunting, kicking, funny faces. When the parent sees these signals, they take the little baby to the toilet or the sink, or the bath tub, or the mixing bowl, or the lawn, or litterbox (just kidding- I guess...). They then hold said baby over said receptacle and make a psssss sound. The baby will hear this sound and pee or poop.

Now, I didn't think that it was going to be quite as easy as the literature was portraying... I mean, don't babies just go in their diapers? Do they even have control over there nether regions? Well, by golly, they do! The first time I say Harris "concentrating" I took off his incredibly sexy and masculine, cloth-inserted, red gDiaper and proceeded to straddle my toilet so that I was facing the tank. I held him under the upper thighs and he rested his back against my (still squishy) abdomen. I made the cue sound and he immediately went into "bear down mode"- quickly producing some perfect little baby poops that dropped happily into the toilet. He looked up at me with accomplishment in his eyes, I wiped him like a big boy and we went on with our day (after bragging to Mindi about our success of course!)

Harris now has his very own Little Potty that we potty him in. It really is quite simple, and I am usually able to catch 90% of the poops. So far, we are still working on increasing our pee catches, however, whenever he wakes up from a nap or finishes eating, I always bring him to his potty and he will pee in it. I am hoping that this practice will help him to increase his awareness of his elimination needs so that we can move out of diapers sooner when he is older!

Here is a photo of our little guy in action! Yes, he is really going potty!


  1. This picture alone will destroy his social life when he gets older. I can see you now whipping this pic out when his first date stops by and showing them how cute he looked on the potty at one month plus.

    I think I just peed a little.

  2. Lynn~
    That is so cute!!! Better to get them started at a young age. What a great idea. Harris is so cute and getting so big.

  3. This is SO cool. I'm showing this to my wife as soon as she gets home. Let the research begin! PS. I started a blog a few days ago. I want to document the whole TTC process. Who knows, maybe someone will learn something from my many many inevitable mistakes. :)

  4. i love it!!

    we tried that with one of the cats, but she just pissed in our bed instead. i guess babies don't have the same sense of vengeance at that age.

  5. I had read about this. This is something I would like to try with our baby girl.

  6. For some reason that is so cute. . . why is it never cute when adults pee pee in the potty?

  7. Just don't get too stressed if he decides he does not want to poop in the potty anymore. Developmental changes sometimes nix the EC progress. I put the potty away when my son started crawling because it was stressing me out that he stopped cooperating. He is in diapers full time now, and from what I hear from other EC practicing parents my experience is not uncommon. The key is to be relaxed. Good Luck. MM

  8. i agree, that picture is adorable. i've heard about people doing EC, i think i will have to do a little more reading about it now. keep us updated on the progress!

  9. This is truly fascinating! I love the idea, and I've got to research it. Even if it only works part of the time, it still seems worth it to help him become more aware of his body.

    And he's freakin' adorable.

  10. Lynn,
    I don't think I have known anyone more exciting and fascinating when it comes to Mothering and Parenting.
    I Love it.......IS there any moments that cause you to just want to pull your hair out?


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