Friday, February 29, 2008

Too Many Pictures

I think that I post too many pictures. I think that I will stop posting pictures. Yeh- I think that is what I will do...

How do you like the idea?


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Thursday, February 28, 2008


I was tagged by Jessie over at Love + Love= Marriage

Rules:1. Grab the nearest book of 123 pages or more.
2. Open it to page 123.3.
Find the first 5 sentences and write them down.4.
Then invite 5 friends to do the same.

In an attempt not to overwhelm my fragile brain cells, I am currently reading: The Girlfriends' Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood.

While the seige is on, however, do whatever you have to do- bribe your husband, hire a baby-sitter, start therapy- to keep the wear and tear on you bearable. Learn, too, that it is completely all right to set the baby in the bassinette or crib for a few minutes while trying to drown out the noise with the running water of a hot shower.. Clearly, your presence alone is not his cure but rather his reassurance, and you can only fulfill that need day after day if your carve out some time to blow off steam yourself.

Most important, try not to let a colicky baby set the mood for your home. It's so easy to be cranky to callers, snippy with your mate, and pessimistic about parenting in general when there is so much discomfort and unhappiness emanating froom one tiny baby.

- wow, that was optimistic...
I am tagging: We Are Fambly, Two Moms are Better than One, The Family O, RAZ-ma-taz, and Cedarflame

Happy Adoption Day!

So, yesterday, Mindi, Harris, and myself made the quick trip to the courthouse, to legalize what already was... Mindi is now legally recognized by the federal government as Harris' mother.

And, it was my birthday- yay rah. Happy 27 Lynn- happy 27 :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where Are All the Grumpy Crying Shots?

My cousin (the one that I shouted hello to on her birthday, which also turned out to be Harris' birthday...) sent me an email, and in her email, she said "Is he always smiling? Where are the grumpy, crying photos- ha! just kidding. ". Ahhhh ha ha! The really funny thing about reading that was the fact that I had THIS in my lap at that very moment......

Happy? LOL!

Product Rating

Tiff asked me to expound about my stroller- I am happy to oblige! Now, Tiff has her ducks in a row, let me tell you! Here she makes me proud with her Eddie Bauer High Chair find, and Here she shows off some toys and books that she already has for the twinkle in her eye... ;). Now, I feel that she has her wishful, dreamy eye on this stroller- the Bugaboo. Now, the Bugaboo was the stroller that we originally had our eye on, but, the high cost of this cadillac- oops, I mean stroller, is well, a bit out of our range at $800+. I won't go into all the delicious things that we loved about the Bugaboo- take 15 minutes, and go to the site and you will see for yourself I am sure...

In the end, we purchased the Kolcraft Contours stroller, and I am VERY happy with it. I am sure that Mindi would be happy with it too, if I ever let her drive it... If you go to the link, you can see all of the features, but my favorite features so far are the VERY roomy yet unobtrusive basket, the fact that the seat faces front or back, and the overall look- it is pretty darn stylish in my eyes! It was also very reasonably priced at $139.99. In fact, when we have our second baby, I am almost positive that I would opt to purchase the Contours Options Tandem Stroller. The ONLY downside to this stroller is the fact that you have to order it online and not in a store. I am the kind of person that likes to touch and feel things before I buy them. I was not disappointed, however, with this purchase :).

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Shelly over at the Purple Shellybeans blog! I am anxiously awaiting the details of her daughter's birth on Thursday, the 21st!! Yay Shelly!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome to the Beach

It has begun, folks. I have decided to fight my baby bulge. I am doing the South Beach Diet. I luuuuv the South Beach Diet. I have done it 2 times before, and had great success both times. I find the diet to be easy to understand, and easy to stick to. It is not really a low carb diet like some other diets are. It is broken up into 3 phases, each lasting 2 weeks (or longer if you choose). The first phase is the hardest in terms of restriction- no breads/grains, etc, along with no FRUIT (which is rough when you need to find a way to satisfy a sweet tooth!). Of course, the second phase could be considered the hardest because you have to be very aware of the nutritional value of all the carbs you do put into your mouth, or, the third phase could be considered the hardest because you are being "set free" to eat the "right" carbs That, I think is where I have a tendancy to "lose it" if you will. I think that, for me, Phase 1 is the easiest. I mean, it is simple. No Carbs. So, I know that if it has a grain in it, or if it is sweet, it is a no no.

The only thing I really get sick of on the South Beach Diet is eggs. I eat so many eggs, it is not even funny- bleh!

Another thing I love about the South Beach, is how I am pretty much forced to step out of my "box" and try new dishes. I have been stuck in a rut of eating mac and cheese and cereal for the last 8 weeks... Now, I am eating things like Asparagus and goat cheese omletts, Peanut chicken stirfry, cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes, and brussle sprout skillets! Oooh lala!

And of course, here is another shamelss plug for my baby...

He is smiling so big 'cuz his mama is going to fit into her jeans again in a couple weeks...

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yay for firsts! I was scolded for not posting a picture of Harris in 3 days, so I will make up for it and post three!!

The Firsts...

February 18th- Harris' first trip in his stroller. It was a beautiful day in Seattle- mid 50's, so we decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood! He enjoyed the walk so much that he slept through 75% of it...

February20th: His second "First" was his first round of shots at the pediatrician's office- no, neither Mindi nor I cried... although, I can see why parents would! Note the cute little zoo bandaids on his little thighs...

Then, today, He took his first "Big Boy bottle"- He is moving up to 5 ounces per feed, and the "little baby bottles" only fir 4 ounces... Boy, this kid is growing too fast... 12 Lbs 7oz yesterday...

And, the first picture that everyone is looking at the camera, and has their eyes open!

Monday, February 18, 2008

... I Found My Baby...

Jude said...
Hooray for sleep!Just don't get too cocky, mama - it could bite you in the ass! :)

...Thanks Jude, for keeping me in my place- I have been "bitten"... *Yawn*

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where did my Baby Go?

What 2 month old baby sleeps from 12:30 am to 7:00am? Mine, apparentyl! Weeeeeee!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pull My Hair Out

Gia graced me with a lovely compliment that 'I was interesting' and that made me feel super warm and fuzzy. She also asked me if there were any moments [in my parenting experience] that made me want to pull my hair out. Well Gia, that is a tough question! I think that my little boy is a great, calm, baby. He really doesn't cry much, but as much as I can attribute to his pure perfection, I can honestly say that I can attribute the lack of crying somewhat to the way that Mindi and I are currently parenting him. How many pictures have I posted of him in the Moby? I mean, we RARELY put the kid down. Sure, he gets time on his playmat for tummy time and enrichment, but we are always right there with him and if he so much as whimpers, we are right there evaluating whether he needs something or maybe is just making noise for the sake of making noise. Because of the fact that we hold him all the time, we rarely miss a cue. If he is hungry or has to poop, we usually have enough warning to get or do what we need to before the waterworks begin. We also practice bedsharing, so I can go from a dead sleep to up, making a bottle, and begining the feed usually before he really starts crying. I guess though, that that is part of the one thing that really makes me want to pull my hair out. I am the one that handles the baby overnight- agreed upon because of the fact that I am the SAHM (stay at home mom) and Mindi is the WAHM (work at home mom). Because I am accutely aware of his whimpers and peeps, even if I was in a dead sleep, sometimes I find myself being a little too efficient. He whimpers, I pop a pacifier in his mouth, dash off to the kitchen, make a bottle, pop back into the bedroom, swoop up the little baby who is (uh oh) ccurrently sleeping with the pacifier... Into the nursery we go to feed and he is still sleeping. Damn it. That is it. That is what makes me want to pull my hair out- trying to feed a sleeping baby in the middle of the night when I am dead tired and I misinterpreted his stirring as hunger. It sucks so bad because I want nothing more than to be back in bed, and of course, he doesn't really care because he is sleeping anyways... and here I have a warm bottle of formula that will go to waste because I cannot re-refrigerate it after he has begun a feed, and much to my dismay, 3/4 of the bottle goes to waste. The cherry on top of that situation is the fact that, because he did not eat anything at the pseudo-feed, he wil be up, looking for a bottle (really) in 30-90 minutes....

Other than that, the only thing that makes me want to rip my hair out is my spare tire. Cuz, I mean, damn- just LOOK at him! What an ANGEL!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Elimination Communication

The crazy girl is at it again. Regular diapers weren't enough for her- oh no, she needed gDiapers. She had perfectly acceptable flushable liners to use that were made for the gDiapers, but oh no no! She needed to make her own Cloth liners! So then, her gDiaper covers with fantastic cloth liners needed just a little extra something to augment the baby poop 'n pee experience...

Introducing Elimination Communication. Now, some of you may have heard of this, or you may have heard of it referred to as "Natural Infant Hygiene", "DiaperFree Baby", and, my least favorite, "Infant Potty Training".

Basically, the parent watches their baby and learns what the baby's cues are that they need to eliminate- you know, grunting, kicking, funny faces. When the parent sees these signals, they take the little baby to the toilet or the sink, or the bath tub, or the mixing bowl, or the lawn, or litterbox (just kidding- I guess...). They then hold said baby over said receptacle and make a psssss sound. The baby will hear this sound and pee or poop.

Now, I didn't think that it was going to be quite as easy as the literature was portraying... I mean, don't babies just go in their diapers? Do they even have control over there nether regions? Well, by golly, they do! The first time I say Harris "concentrating" I took off his incredibly sexy and masculine, cloth-inserted, red gDiaper and proceeded to straddle my toilet so that I was facing the tank. I held him under the upper thighs and he rested his back against my (still squishy) abdomen. I made the cue sound and he immediately went into "bear down mode"- quickly producing some perfect little baby poops that dropped happily into the toilet. He looked up at me with accomplishment in his eyes, I wiped him like a big boy and we went on with our day (after bragging to Mindi about our success of course!)

Harris now has his very own Little Potty that we potty him in. It really is quite simple, and I am usually able to catch 90% of the poops. So far, we are still working on increasing our pee catches, however, whenever he wakes up from a nap or finishes eating, I always bring him to his potty and he will pee in it. I am hoping that this practice will help him to increase his awareness of his elimination needs so that we can move out of diapers sooner when he is older!

Here is a photo of our little guy in action! Yes, he is really going potty!

Ooooh exciting!

I added "flicks" to my nav bar and footer! Yay!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Looking Back

Back on 12/14/07, I posted about my feelings reagarding the impending birth of my little boy...

"I feel as though I am walking around in a daze. I have not allowed myself to really even think about the potential pain that will be involved with a med-free birth. I guess that that is a really good thing, and although I don't need to "figure anything out" I am "trying to figure out" if I am really that clueless as to what awaits me, or if I have just managed to adopt a very ZEN feeling about the whole thing. I would like to think that I am being uber-zen, but I am not going to put myself on that pedestal (until at least, I deserve to...)"

Ok, I am still not putting myself on a pedestal, BUT, in retrospect, I was, indeed, being uber-zen about the whole thing. I do not feel at all that I was clueless as to what was going to happen, and the amount of pain I experienced was pretty dead-on to the amount of pain I anticipated feeling. I just trusted my body. I always told myself that my body knew what to do and I was right. By acknowledging the fact that chilbirth can be painful, and by visualizing the potential pain calmly and casually beforehand, I was not in for any surprises. I read many women's accounts of the sensation of the pain they felt. Some described it as dull stabbing, some described the feeling of wanting to crawl out of their skin. I prepared myself for transition and it's intensity by reminding myself that when I felt I simply COULD NOT DO IT anymore- that I was almost at the finish line. I trusted my body, I breathed and moaned my way calmly through it all, and in the end, my body eased my baby into the world, clamped down the blood vessels, and proceeded to provide immunities for him.

Don't doubt your bodies, ladies. If there is a glimmer of desire to have a home birth or a birth without unneccesary interventions, and your pregnancy has been healthy and uneventful, and your healthcare practioner does not see any risk, then DO IT. TRUST YOUR BODY. Do not be afraid, and have a good support system.

That Damn Sign

Thanks for the guesses so far! lol I really don't know what the sign means... It probably does have something to do with a median like j said, BUT if you were going to spend the money to put up a prominant sign for the layperson to follow, don't you think that you would put up a sign that people don't have to think about? I mean, really, what the hell is that big black thing? And the little things that look like boogers? Oh! maybe the big black thing is a NOSTRIL! That's it! The sign is telling you to face either East or West when you blow your nose! Maybe that way the strong Northern winds won't catch the boogers and send them flying into someone's windsheild!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

More About Diapers

Shawna, asked me about flushing the "flushable gDiaper inserts" . This is a (slightly modified) version of the email I sent to her, answering her inquiries...

Have we exclusively flushed the inserts? Yes. Are we still flushing the inserts? No. Did we ever have a problem with our plumbing to make us stop flushing all of our inserts? No. I will say, however, that exclusive flushing of inserts will have to depend on your house's plumbing. The biggest problem that you would encounter is tree roots. Tree roots are a gDiaper flushable's worst enemy. If your house is brand new, it is probably root free, but if it is not brand new, chances are, roots may be finding their way into your pipes. The problem is not from the inner "pulp" that you swish with the swishstick. That stuff acts just like toilet paper. The potential problem material is actually the outside paper, which, unfortunately, is where the poop ends up... After a while of flushing, I thought about my 1945 plumbing and decided that we should cut down on flushing as a precautionary measure. I decided to start composting our pee pee inserts, and only flushing the poopy ones. I don't know if you have a yard in which you can compost, or a yard waste bin, but you may consider it... A little while later, I decided that I didn't want to flush the poopy ones either (unless I had my "dirty scissors" handy, in which case I would cut up the outer layer to help it not get caught). Because of the slightly disappointing realization that the flushable inserts may not be the best for my pipes, I really got turned on to the idea of the cloth liner. I never pegged myself as a cloth-diaperer- I just wasn't into it. And then, When I caught myself thinking of cloth liners for my g-pants, I realized how much money I could save, AND, although the whole system was essentially a cloth diaper, the methodology of it has more of a "menstrual pad in panties" feeling to it. Wow, yeh, that is really what it feels like! My kid has underwear, and I just "change the pad". I don't have to wash the cover every time (unlike a cloth diaper), and I don't have to have an entire load of laundry dedicated solely to diapers. It is sweet.Another great thing about the cloth liners is the money saving aspect of it. Using only the gDiapers flushables, makes each diaper change cost about .30 cents. I change my little guy's diaper about 10 times a day at least. So, $3.00 a day in flushables. Even if I only have 10 inserts, (1 full day of diaper changes) and I wash every other day, use cloth for 3.5 days out of the week, and I save almost $11.00 a week- which is almost 1 pack of flushables. :)By the way, if you do go just with the flushables, buy them by the case at free shipping if your order is over $50 (a case is $52).

Also, cedarflame asked me how many cloth inserts I made... her assumption was in the 100's... teehee....

Actually, I made 10 of the first ghetto set, and then 10 of the sweet pocket style that I bragged about. When all is said and done I would like to have about 24-30 inserts. Originally, after making the sweet pockets, I figured I would take apart all the old ghetto ones and use the fabric to make more of the sweet pocket ones. Then, after making the sweet pockets, I got lazy, and just left the ghetto ones in rotation and use them only when all the sweet pockets are dirty. Eventually I will take the ghetto ones out of rotation and make more sweet pockets, but until my new shipment of little gPants come in (the new style in sizes small and medium) I will wait because I want to verify that the sweet pockets will fit the new style smalls, and maybe even the mediums. If the sweet pockets are too small for the medium gPants, I will make another set in a larger size, using a different color fleece so that it will be easy to tell which size pockets go with which size gPants for the next baby that we are going to start trying for as soon as I get my period which is hopefully in the next 2 months or so... :)


Ok, I was driving with my friends today, and we pulled into a parking lot and saw this sign:
Folks, what do you suppose this sign is suppost to mean? Really.... it looks like a plate of sushi to me... What do you guys think?? What is your guess?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

As Promised

As promised, here is the very first
"baby in the bathtub with a shampoo mowhawk"
picture (obviously, he does not have a whole lot of hair to begin with...)

LOL- wow, that is a sad example of a shampoo 'do...

also, here are a few pictures that I took the other day- enjoy!

Monday, February 4, 2008

gDiaper- Cloth Edition

I am pretty jazzed right now. And proud- yes, I am proud of myself! Like I mentioned before, I wasconsidering making cloth inserts for my little g-pants. It was pretty interesting trying to come up with a 'design' that would fit well into the little g pants AND be able to absorb enough of what need absorbin'!

The first step was to get the goods. No, wait, the first step was to do some research. I went online and tried to navigate the whole world that is cloth diapers. I really did not know that much about cloth diapering, so it was a bit of information overload. I had so many questions about things that I realized I needed a forum or 2. I joined the gDiaper Yahoo group (which rocks) as well as the DiaperSwappers website. I managed to gather way more information than I ever thought was available, and learned a hefty bit about the difference between fabrics (I had no idea that some fabric was made from bamboo- damn, that stuff is VERSATILE!)

Luckily for me, all I really had to make were the cloth inserts and not an entire diaper cover. I own a sewing machine, but I am certainly NO SEAMSTRESS! I decided that I wanted microfiber to be the main fabric in my inserts. I went out and bought some fleece for the lining and some microfiber towels from Costco.
I snipped an stiched, and ripped a few seams out, then ripped a few more out, then stitched, then cursed, then ripped some more seems out, then stiched and cursed again until I ended up with this: "This" is 2 layers of Microfiber cloth with a fleece liner. I stitched a line down the middle of the 2 layers of Microfiber so that I could stick in an extra "soaker" if I needed to (for overnights etc). The end result was, well, disappointing. I soon realized, after puttting the 10 liners I had made into rotation, that 2 layers of Microfiber was just not enough, the liner kept bunching up because it lacked "form" and it was incredibly unfinished looking. So, I went back to the drawing board, and MAN AM I GLAD I DID!


Oh yay- I am so excited!

This time, I gathered up some receiving blankets (cuz we have a bazillion of them) and decided to make a pocket. I knew that the inserts needed more absorbtion, so I figured that a pocket made out of cotton flannel surrounding 3 layers of microfiber, topped with a fleece liner should do the trick! I was a little worried about the thickness when I was first planning a design, but as you can see, it is still quite streamline! And MAN, do these things SUCK! Well, I mean, suck up liquid... The microfiber inserts are removable for washing, but they are all stuck together with little cotton flannel caps that I sewed them together with. They are easy to remove via a pocket system on the underside of the insert. The fleece is sewn in place on the top of the insert and works wonders to keep my little boys "goods" dry. Here are some pics!!

I know, I am cool... hehe :)

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