Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Updates and Milestones

The Boy

Well, Harris is is 5 and a half weeks old if you can believe that(?!) He has changed a lot over the last 3 weeks.

Let's see...

*He stretches A LOT- and gets this really cute grandpa-type face going on...
*He farts A LOT
*His eyelashes just "bloomed" in the last 3 days
*While his "birth hair" is not (yet) falling out, his "real"hair is starting to come in- it is cute and fuzzy
*He can focus well and follow things with his eyes
*He has a firm grasp and smoother motion
*He has discovered the fact that he has vocal cords, and now coos and babbles (which is FRICKIN ADORABLE) instead of simply grunting constantly
*He is a very efficient immitator- he can imitate sticking out the tongue, puckering, and raising one eyebrow
*He just found his thumb
*He is really doing well with his head control. I attribute that mainly to the fact that I wear him in the Moby Wrap a lot
*He loves receiving kisses on his lips and has actually formulated a way to specifically ask for a kiss
*He is fussy from about 5pm till about 10pm
*He usually wakes me up to feed him twice during the night
*He eats about 32ounces a day (The size of a Supersized Soda at McDonald's)
*He is enjoying his awesome gDiapers
***He has not yet smiled his first cherubic smile (exhausted Mommy's are anxiously awaiting that tiny, yet enourmously rewarding upturned lip action)

It is amazing to see him changing every day!

The next big thing happening in our lives is the adoption! I absolutely DESPISE the fact that Mindi has to adopt her own baby, but alas, it must be so. I have a feeling, that even when gay marriage is legal, there will still be legal issues regarding children but that is a whole different blog- I am not going there...

In the beginning of the month, the social worker came to our house. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Here, I was expecting some stranger scrutinizing our house, checking our smoke detectors and scolding us for not having childproofing elements completely installed. I even pulled the fire extinguisher out from the far back of "under the sink-land" to bring it more into view if she opened the cabinet door... In reality, all she did was sit down with us on our couch and basically ask us about our relationship etc. Phew! What a relief! So today, we got a call from Lawyer Lisa to schedule our court date. How sweet- it falls on my birthday- February 27th!

I have been working on cloth inserts for the gDiapers. I am pretty happy with the way they are turning out. I will blog about the process a little later. For now, I will leave you with some neat pictures that I played with to create the "hand painted" look... ENJOY!


  1. Just too cute. He will be smiling at you before you know it :)

  2. good luck with the adoption! that was a very stressful process for us as we ran into a hiccup along the way (the counties in Georgia all have judges with differing opinions on the legality of it) but the end result was all that we cared about so when we heard the judge say "granted", we were so relieved!!


  3. great update! i'm glad you three are doing so well. good luck on the adoption process. and i can't wait to hear how you make the g-diap inserts.

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for blogging. My wife and I are expecting our first child in March. I have really enjoyed your blog and I have found it to be very helpful! I have put up our blog and I added your blog as one of our favorites! Again, thank you for taking the time to blog.

  5. I adopted our twins in October, here in Olympia. We actually saved the lawyer fees and filed on our own. We only had to pay filing fees and the cost of the home visit-went off without a hitch. I adopted our, now 5y.o., son down in Portland as well. I didn't go to court the first time because we did have a lawyer. With our twins, I had to go to court and I was very surprised at how touched I was by the judge granting our petition. We don't get much validation of our relationships from society as a whole. So, it was rather nice to be recognized legally as a family. All the best to your family, may we all live in peace and calm!

  6. After reading your blog for so long now I decided to make one of my own. It only has 1 post but Im working on it.

    The little guy is getting so big! He is precious.


  7. My partner, Tovi, just left a comment, but I wanted to ask really quickly for did you do the handpainted photos? Photoshop? They are beautiful!

  8. hey alissa! look in the comments section of my latest post about cloth inserts and gdiapers!


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