Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh MY!

Ok, here is some more photo fun...

First of all, adorable baby shoes that are so cute they make me want to vomit should be outlawed... or not...

And here is just a shameless plug for the indescribable cutenesss of my baby...

And the most fun picture of all... The bathing beauties! This was our fun excursion last night. We had bathed our liitle boy in the infant bathtub, but the big person bathtub was BY FAR more fun, and I think I can say that is was more fun for both of us!


  1. Oh my! I have missed several posts! First off, those shoes are adorable. Secondly, your boy is so friggin' cute - it's really unbelievable! That shot in the bathtub is CLASSIC. He's just chillin! Also, ohchicken (we are fambly) clued me in to the film you were talking about, produced by ricci lake. It looks awesome doesn't it? They are doing early screenings of the film all over the country. Karli and I are going to see it Feb.3rd at an old theatre right by us! I'm really looking forward to seeing it! Also, cool idea to show the comparison baby shots. Very similar!!!

  2. He is so cute! how do you get anything done? I would just stare at him all day long. Lucky girl!

  3. totally precious!!! he's a beauty

  4. he's gorgeous!! and those shoes couldnt be any cuter!! if we have a boy next i totally intend to find something similar!

  5. I just wanted to tell you that your blog is the best ever!! I love the energy it presents and the wit about it. You son is sooooo cute and luck to have you both loving him in return.

  6. ok this is my fav pic yet! he looks so comfy! :)

  7. He is getting so big and gorgeous. He looks so happy.


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