Sunday, January 27, 2008

My G-Baby

I hate disposable diapers. They are bad for the environment, they have a horrible crinkly feeling, and most of them have bad artwork on them. I would love to be a cloth diaper mama, however, there are 2 mamas in this family; Mindi doesn't want cloth and so we have to compromise.

While I was still pregnant, I stumbled across a product called gDiapers. gDiapers are basically a cloth/ disposable hybrid diaper. The outside cover (which is super cute mind you!) is cloth, it then has a waterproof liner that holds a flushable (or compostable!!) insert. Mindi and I agreed to try them and I am IN LOVE.

After joining a few gDiaper enthusiast forums (teehee) I came to the swift realization that it would be SUPER easy AND inexpensive for me to make cloth inserts to put in my gDiapers!!! I am really JAZZED! Mindi, on the other hand, I am afraid is totally NOT FOR CLOTH INSERTS. Now, I realize that compromise is the name of the game. I also realize, that I change the majority of diapers. Call me crazy but I LOVE changing diapers! (go ahead, call me a freak...) The beauty of the idea of the cloth inserts is this: When Mindi changes a diaper, she can put a flushable in, and when I change a diaper I can use cloth. Both methods require an extra step (either flushing the dirty insert after a diaper change or dropping the cloth insert in the laundry). Also, using cloth is cheaper than using the flushables, so even if She uses the flushables and I use the cloth, we are still totally saving money. Don't get me wrong, I totally love the flushables, but I was just hoping to take it another step further!

Everyone that wants a baby, is pregnant with a baby, or has a baby should go check out gDiapers!

For now, I will leave you with a picture of my adorable g-baby :)


  1. I'm glad you like them! A friend tried them but had a lot of leaks. I hope you have better luck!

    Too bad for Mindi, I love cloth! :)

  2. Glad you like the g diapers. We considered using them, but opted for cloth diapers with a service instead. That's a great idea to make cloth inserts and use them when you can.

  3. http://al2o3cr.livejournal.comJanuary 27, 2008 at 4:26 PM

    I wrote about these in my blog the other day... same problem, I want cloth, my wife vetoes that and wants disposable. I heard horrid things about g-diapers though. Someone wrote that the inserts dissolve, etc.
    I'm happy to hear you like them...

  4. *Quick note, the inserts do not dissolve... go check 'em out- they rock!

  5. Thanks for sharing Lynn. Karli and I like the idea of gdiapers, and they are SO cute. We really just wanted to know if they worked well, so was thrilled to hear you love em! Did you have to use disposable at the beginning?? Please continue to update us on how they work as Harris gets bigger!

  6. I am seeing some good hair growth here. I am think another month funny bath tub hairdos!

  7. Upon your recommendation I just went out and bought two starter kits for the g-diapers!!

    Here's hoping that my little June baby won't blow through them!!


  8. Glad to hear you like them. We use cloth and have been using Seventh Generation disposables at daycare but want to see if we can use gDiapers for daycare instead. They seem easy and very inexpensive. :)

  9. how do you find them now? With a growing one and a new one? Assuming you still use them.

  10. L- thanks for the comment! I will always have a special place in my heart for gDiapers, however, they do live up to their reputation as the "gateway to cloth" and we are a perfect example. We have sinced moved on to one size pocket diapers, and love them. There is a definate benefit to the gDiapers, however, and I would definately still recommend them. You really only need abot 6 covers, and if you use cloth inserts in them, thye seem like they can be very cost effective! Good luck if you try them!

  11. I would go cloth, but my wife is not convinced, so I am really happy to hear you are using pockets now! Thanks for the swift reply!


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