Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First Birthday

Wow. Our baby is officially 1. I look at him and he seems to huge compared to what he was when he was first born, but, at other times, when he is feeling snuggly or under the weather, he seems so little and tender as he crawls up into my lap.

The Birthday Party was a success. We ended up having 10 adults and 6 babies/kids in our tiny little living room. It was a bit cramped, but cozy. The babies had a great time in the baby mosh pit, and the one bigger kid (2.5 year old) had fun raiding Harris' book stash in his bedroom. Chef Mindi made some AWESOME pizza, and we set out fruit kabobs, spring rolls and chick'n nuggets with dipping sauce. The spiked punch was all gone by the end of the party and fun was had by all. The babies even got their own spread of baby yogurt melts, puffs, and O's. We are not huge fans of birthday cake, so Harris got his own individual cake consisting of a shortcake shell, filled with yogurt and raspberries, made by yours truly. He loved it! The rest of us ate cinnamon pull-aparts and mini coffee cakes. His gift from us was a vintage Little Tikes Woody Station Wagon that we scored at the Goodwill earlier in the week. He LOVES it!

Up until this point, we didn't think that he had any words. There certainly wasn't anything recognizable coming out of mouth. But then, the other day, Mindi was sitting on the floor and Harris crawled towards her, stopped, put his arms up, and said "DaDa". He had said dadadadada before, so she thought it might just be his bable-talk, but then, after she started paying close attention, she (and I) realized that he really was calling her dada! Go figure... Then, the other day, after some close listening and repetition, we realized that he has a word for our dog Brutus! It sounds like "uuth". We are still doing our research into what his name for me is, but so far, it sounds like it may be "MaDa".

We have gotten quite a bit of snow dumped on us this last week and a half. Most of the people in my neighborhood lack 4 wheel drive vehicles, and are therefore stuck in their houses with a case of cabin fever. Luckily for us, we do have 4 wheel drive and so we were able to get out of our house yesterday for Harris' pediatrician appointment. "Happy birthday kid, here, I am going to stick you with 2 big needles". It was fun to go about our day, constantly looking at the clock and remembering what we were doing at that exact moment one year ago. What a wild ride- I am so in love with my family!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I did not fall off the planet. I have been busy stalking my pregnant friend TIFF who was due on the 16th... I love cyber-stalking!

Harris' birthday is this coming Tuesday. I cannot believe that he will be 1 year old. But, no, wait, I can.... sort of...

I have been feverishly planning his birthday party (that is going down tomorrow!) for a little while now. I am fully aware that 1st birthday parties are really for the adults, so I have simple (100% homemade) decorations, and will be serving spiked punch. YUM! Maybe I will find the time in the next 30 years to post pictures after the party!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

TTC #2

The adorably pregnant Tiff asked me to expound on our TTC #2 project. It has been a little while since I have posted anything about it. As some of you may know, after the birth of our son, Harris, we purchased 4 more vials of the same donor sperm that we used to conceive Harris. It is not that 4 is a magic number or anything, but when we were ttc Harris, we typically purchased 4 at a time. Anyways... after purchasing them and having them shipped to our local storage place, we saw my Dr. and got the go-ahead to start inseminating again. After waiting a bit, I got my period (woohoo!) and we started our insem protocol- Femera CD 3-7, dildo cam ultrasound and HcG shot cd 13, insemination cd 14, big fat negative 2 weeks later. Ok, no biggie, it did take us 8 tries to get pregnant with Harris after all. 1 Vial down, 3 to go, and, we can always buy more if we need to.... or CAN we?...

Mindi went onto the sperm bank site, only to discover, that our donor was out of available sperm. I don't just mean "waiting to be restocked" I mean RETIRED. Ouch. That hurts.

So, now we are down to 3 tiny little vials of potential baby making spermatozoa, with no hope for more vials, and very little margin for error. Needless to say, we are pretty down about it. So, what do we do? Well, we decided to go see the IVF guy. We explain to him our situation, I tell him my fears of multiples, and we come to agree on a game plan. Basically, we have 1 more shot of getting pregnant via insemination. If that insemination does not work, then we will go to IVF. We will have 2 vials to potentially use for IVF. In reality, we will probably only need one, however, it is nice to have a little safety net.

Today is actually CD2 for me. Technically, if I wanted, we could try this month, but we are up in the air over where we should do this final insem- with my old Dr, or with the new Drs at the IVF clinic. I have become slightly disenchanted with my old Dr. The routine of trying to get me pregnant became a little, well, ugly at the end. When we first started trying, my Dr. seemed, well, interested, but towards the end, I was beginning to feel as if I was the one who had to make all of the decisions regarding timing, etc. It was weird. I didn't like it. It was almost as if no one ever bothered to look at my chart. I hate that.

So anyways... we are trying to make up our minds about the Dr. situation.

Whoops- baby is awake!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


So, Mindi and Harris and I all go shopping at the grocery store. We all have a great time trying out the gigantic car cart (I do NOT recommend it if you are a small female!!), watching Harris try to pull the buns off the shelves, enjoying warm smiles from other shoppers (at the boy of course!) and weaving our way through bin after beautiful bin of organic bulk food. We smile the whole way, giggling with our little cutie. We get to the register, check out, and smile to ourselves about our small grocery bill (meal planning works to keep costs down!), and head out to our car. Just as we are about to pass through the big doors to the parking lot, we are intercepted by another pleasant Harris admirer, joking about how he is spoiled by his mom(s)... or was she?

woman: You guys must be doing something bad to that baby!

us: **smile**

woman: He was staring at me and at other people, I mean, the way he looks right into people's eyes...

us: **smile**

woman: It's so sad...

us:** raising our eyebrows, completely perplexed**

woman: **starts walking away, looking disgusted** It is SO sad!

me:I'm sorry, I really don't understand what you mean...

woman: **shoots me a sad/dirty/angry look and bolts out of the door as If she had just witnessed me smear dog crap on my baby's face...**

Mindi and I couldn't understand for the life of us, what this woman was saying. She was obviously very upset about something that she felt that she had witnessed. We have thought about the commentary for a few hours now, and we still cannot come up with a logical explanation of what she was saying to us. I mean, if you remove the comment about how Harris looks at people in the eye (which he always does at the store), then that would lead me to believe that she was referring to the fact that we are 2 women raising a baby... And, although I obviously wouldn't agree with that kind of thinking, it would make sense to me- but it is that eye contact comment that is totally confusing us...

Let's re-evaluate:

"You guys must be doing something bad to that baby"
-Ok, well, this is fairly straight-forward- she thinks that we are doing something bad to the baby
"He was staring at me and other people, I mean, the way he looks right into people's eyes..." (she was shaking her head at this point in disapproval)
-This was the weird comment. The only thing that I can pull from it, was that she felt that Harris was looking so intently at her and others, almost in an effort to say "help me"...
"It's so's so sad..."
-Lady, it is too bad you didn't expound on what is so sad about it...

I realize that, like the Pisces that I am, I am evaluating this to an extreme, but it something that REALLY bothered both myself and Mindi alike. I never denied that we may be faced with negative commentary about being lesbian moms, but this particular instance didn't necessarily seem like a homophobe moment...

Please, dear readers and lurkers, I would REALLY value your take on what the hell this woman was trying to say to us....

Please respond!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


For any other stay at home moms, work at home moms, stay at home-work at home mom wannabees, working moms, or other, you should really go check out the site SimpleMom. It is a fantastic blog about budgeting, home management, and simplifying your life! Right now, she is having an awesome giveaway for an Epson Artisan 800 Printer!

I just thought I'd share!!!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pot Pie Calzones And Other Such Pleasantries

Sue lovingly inquired about the pot-pie calzone filling, and how we made it. Before I divulge, I have to say that I had no idea how wonderful calzones (or empenadas) could be. There are SO MANY WAYS to prepare these little pockets of love that you could make them for Pizza night, Mexican night, Asian Night, and even breakfast! They are fast and easy to make, easy to bake, easy to freeze, easy to reheat, and can be as healthy (or as decadent!) as you want them to be, depending on the filling. They are super inexpensive, and you most likely have the stuff in your pantry to make a version of them for lunch or dinner today!

I have never measured an exact amount of any ingredients that I have put in my calzones, however, I always mix my filling in one of my cereal bowls that holds (wait, let me go measure) 3 fluid cups. I typically fill that bowl no higher than 2/3rds full, so 2 cups of filling is the most I ever make. I have always used a Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust (follow this link for great pizza recipes that are easily made into calzones!!!) although, if you have a good pizza crust recipe, by all means, use it (or a croissant dough would work too- yum!)

Ok, so, you need 1 pizza crust, and 2 cups worth of filling. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Grease a cookie sheet, separate your dough into 4 sections (the size of shrunken tennis balls I guess). Work them into thin circle- type shapes (leave perfection at the door...). Plop 1/4 of your mixture just left of center (or right, sheesh!) then fold over the calzone and pinch the edges together or smoosh them together with the tines of a fork. You should have something resembling a half moon shaped blob. Put the 4 calzones on the cookie sheet and bake them at 400 12-15 minutes, or until golden.

Like I said before, you can put almost anything in these pockets, but for the sake of this post and the sake of my lovely reader Sue, here is the general recipe for our version of chicken pot pie filling!

1.Quorn Chik'n Tenders or chicken, cut into little chunks

2.Veggies (fresh cut or frozen) your choice: corn, green beans, carrots, celery, green onion, peas...(frozen 'mixed soup vegetables' work great for this!)

3.Soup base- we made our own soup base using approximately 2cups vegetable broth, a few shakes of minced onion, a bit of vegetarian chik'n bullion, a sprinkle (or two or three!) dill weed, a few good shakes of poultry seasoning, a bit of pepper, a dash of salt, 1tsp cornstarch, 1tsp olive oil. Or, you could use a Cream of whatever soup if you prefer. I have personally never used a cream of whatever soup in my calzones, so I am not sure how much water you would need to add- I will leave that to you!

That is it! Just cook the meat (or whatever you use) first before mixing it in. Then stuff 'em and bake 'em!

Here are some other combos for your inspiration:

Mexican: refried beans, rice, meat, corn, salsa

BBQ: BBQ chicken, pork whatever, smoked Gouda and mozzarella cheese, red onion, cilantro, bbq sauce

Jamaican Jerk: Jerk Sauce, chicken, bacon, mild onions,mozzarella, grilled peppers, scallions

Thai: peanut-ginger sauce, sesame oil, marinated meat, mozzarella, scallions, sprouts, julienne carrots, cilantro, chopped peanuts

Pizza: Whatever you would put on the top, put on the inside!

Hey, let me know if anyone tries these!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Got My Chocolate

Today was our mega cooking day! We have one day each week (or every other week depending.) Today we made (from left to right) Turkey Meatballs, "Chik'n" pot-pie calzones, "chik'n" and rice casserole, bean and rice burritos, and chocolate brownies thrown in for good measure! These brownies are the BEST!!!! We all had some chik'n and rice casserole (vegetarian) and harris and I both had a turkey meatball to go along with the meal. We froze everything that we didn't eat for dinner and our freezer is now PACKED with nutritious, organic, homemade meals that are easy to reheat and eat! Woohoo! I visited the grocery store this morning and spent $74 on enough groceries to feed us through next week! We will be enjoying our new (batch of 12!!) homemade burritos or our calzones for quick lunches.

Side Note***Did you know that pancakes freeze really well too??? We bought some really tasty whole wheat, organic mix and Harris just loves the pancakes. I decided that instead of just giving him his homemade apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast, I would give him a little variety, and present him with some flapjacks in the morning. All you have to do is cook them up, let them cool on a plate, and then put them in a freezer bag with a bit of wax paper in between each one. They are easily reheated in the microwave and taste great!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Need Chocolate

Mindi and I just finished our menu plan for the next 2 weeks! We have been doing 2 week menu planning for about a month and a half now. It has really simplified our life, especially since I have gone back to work. Now, we are always sure that we have a real meal planned for our family, even on the nights when I am at work and it is just Mindi and Harris together. We have started making double batches of stuff and freezing it. Just the other day, I made 6 bean rice and cheese burritos to freeze. I was really proud of myself- I used dried organic pintos to make the un-fried, re-fried part of the beans with some organic mozzarella and cilantro rice (rice made by Mindi). The burritos were so good that they only lasted us 3 days. I can't wait to make more. We used to buy the Amy's burritos but I am never going back!

Harris was as cute as ever on Halloween. We were lazy and dressed him in a store-bought costume. There was no denying though, that he was cute as hell in that little costume!!! We took him to the mall for "Trick or Treat at the Mall" Night. I thought that it was strange, weird, unnerving, sad to see all these little kids dressed up to go to the mall as opposed to door to door, but I suppose it might be better for a lot of them then going door to door in their neighborhoods. Mindi and I just wanted to get out and show off our little one, and being that he will not remember his first Halloween, and the fact that we would probably get some strange looks if we went door to door, we figured that the mall was a good place to go. Harris' favorite part was the play pit- yeh, you know, the one that is always there, even when it is not Halloween... I made him a cute little candy boo bag- perfectly sized for him, with a hole in the top just big enough for the moms to reach in and steal ALL of his candy... hahahaha! Mean Mommies! Thieves! THIEVES!

I am looking at the boo bag right now, sadly staring at fruity candy. I need chocolate damn it.. Really, I JUST NEED CHOCOLATE!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Retiring the Crib at 10 months ...CONTINUED...

I really appreciate the commentary that I get on my posts. It makes me feel so good to know that people out there actually give a hoot as to what I have to say!

So, Harris and the Moms have been doing really well with the transition. During the day, Harris loves to explore his new room. Now, if He and a Mom get anywhere close to his bedroom door, he crawls hastily into the room and UP onto the bed. I am emphasizing UP, not because it is tall, but simply because you can easily see the sense of accomplishment on Harris' face when he gets his cute little butt up there. He totally knows that the new bed belongs to him, and he is embracing it.

*Side note: although changing his diapers is becoming more and more difficult everyday because of the fact that he has discovered free will and no longer wants to lay sweetly for mom, one of my favorite moments in the day happens when I am attempting to change his diaper, he flips over (much to my diapering dismay) and goes crawling across the living room, into his bedroom and up onto his bed, bare bottom to the world, and his jingle bells ringing the whole time... Maybe it is just me, but I think that it is cute as hell...

Back on track...

We felt that there was a big breakthrough when we started being able to nap him on his bed without me being in there. A few days later, we were putting him down for the night in his new bed and he sunk in like butter, but I ended up in there after his first waking at about 1:30am. Since then, we have had at least 2 (maybe 3 at this point...) nights of me sleeping in the mom bed with my wife (where else?!) and Harris sleeping in his own bed in his own room. It rocks. Our house is small, and the bedrooms are close, but even so, we still use a monitor just to make sure we are on top of things. I know that there was a little concern about safety from some of my readers. I really appreciate the feedback and concern, and I would like to address some of the concerns because maybe it will help someone else do the same thing that we are doing with our son!

I totally understand a parents logical desire to contain their child. It makes the most sense to contain your child when you are sleeping because, well, you are not really "present" when you are sleeping. After having a baby of my own, I realized, that containment doesn't necessarily have to be a crib, and I also realized that a crib gave me a claustrophobic feeling, and I wasn't even the one in it. I feel as though it is wholly possible to keep a child contained, while still giving them a certain freedom to move about. After some deliberation, I came to the realization that I really don't like cribs, and with proper planning and execution, a child can safely, and happily live without one. Like many other parents, we co slept with our baby, then we gave him his own little mattress on the floor so that he could have "alone time" close by. He was contained by our bedroom door, and practically never crawled anywhere in the bedroom besides his bed and ours. The door was all we needed. Now that he is in his own room, we want for him to still feel as though he can come to us in our bed if he needs to. Because he is still so young, and we hear him on the monitor, we do not leave his door wide open (he will cry for us, but stay on his new bed). When the time comes where he shows a desire to come to us (as opposed to us going to him) we will leave his door open (with a finger-slam door guard!!), and he can crawl/walk/saunter into our room. Will we still contain him somehow? Absolutely. Because of our floor plan, we will be able to put up a nighttime tension gate that will only allow him access to his door and ours. It is all in the planning.

Containing a baby to his own room is one thing. Making sure that He is SAFE in that room is another thing. The lassies over at Parker Martin Twin Odyssey brought up that concern in the comments for the last post. I totally understand that concern. My generic response is "pay attention". For the parents out there that are planning on attempting this (at a young age or otherwise), I suggest you sit in there and play with them, or watch them play. I found a lot of potential hazards that way, and FIXED THEM. Bolting things to the wall is a must, installing drawer latches, securing window coverings. Just make sure, that if you desire to put your baby or young child in their own room, that you are comfortable leaving your child in that room alone as you would be leaving your child in a crib.

So- is anyone else convinced? Is anyone else out there itching to try the "big switcharoo"??? C'mon LURKERS! Talk to ME!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Retiring the Crib at 10 Months

We love co-sleeping. BUT, we are getting the itch to reclaim our space. 10 months has been a long time to not really have a "private space if our own". I have really really enjoyed our co sleeping experience thus far, but a few days ago, we decided to retire his crib in favor of his very own, new and improved, firm yet comfortable full sized futon mattress. Now, I say "retire his crib" but, in reality, it was never employed. Like. Ever. I can't help but feel guilty- the crib was an expensive gift from Mindi's mom to us, and he never spent a single night (or nap for that matter) in the darn crib. Alas, that chapter has been closed, and the chapter of "big boy has his own room" has begun! We have been introducing him slowly to the new room. He has spent a fair amount of time in that room up until now- it was his nursery after all, with the changing station and the rocking chair, but now he is becoming familiar in a whole new way. We decided that, in order to make his transition easier, I have been taking his first nap with him in his new bed (gee, twist my arm...). I have done that now for about 5 days. Then, about 4 days ago, I have started bringing him to his bed right after his midnight bottle, and I would stay with him there for the night. I think that tonight will be the first night that we are going to try putting him in his big boy bed, and I will return to the mama bed.

I love that the futon mattress is thin enough for him to crawl up onto, and off again at will. I put some soft, quiet toys down at the foot of the bed for him, in hopes that, if he wakes before we do, he may just play quietly for a bit before sounding the bell. It worked this morning, in fact, at least, after he "tapped" me on the forehead, instead of just pushing me to get up, as soon as I opened my eyes and acknowledged him, he headed down to play and I was able to catch a few more winks!

What about you mom's and dad's out there? Has anyone else simply bypassed the crib? Did you then move your child to a big-person mattress? How was the transition for the family??

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 Days, 3 Ways

I am not sure if this motto is extended to the entire US, but in the last 2 years or so I have been hearing it A LOT here in WA state. For those of you who may not have heard about 3 Days, 3 Ways, it is the catch phrase for "be prepared in case of emergency", the most likely emergencies in my area being earthquakes, floods, and possibly some wind storms. 2 winters ago, we had a big windstorm in December. Along with over half of Seattle, and surrounding areas, we lost power to our house for 5 days. Typically, people think of Seattle winter as mainly rainy, but it does get cold here too- below freezing at night. We managed to do just fine camping out in our house, because at that time, we were still childless besides the animals, but by the 3rd day of the power outage, we could see our breath while we were laying in bed. I felt that we did ok in terms of being prepared for an outage, but it did make me realize that we needed to really find a home for our flashlights, and be aware of where our camping gear is stored. If we had not had a fireplace, and some sweet neighbors with extra firewood, I think that we would have been a little more in the doghouse...

The point of this story, is that I have been wanting to make a preparedness kit for a while now, but just haven't. I did pick up some jugs of water, but I knew that we had to have some sort of non-perishable food plan, as well as supplies. I am still working on "supplies", but the food portion of the plan just got a lot easier!
Because I am trying to rid the plastic from our lives, I stumbled across the information that BPA, the chemical that started this whole "quest to deplacticize" is also found in canned goods and soda cans. I was floored. I had no idea! Here, I thought that I was doing good by passing by the plastic jugs, jars, and bottles in favor of metal cans, only to find out that they are practically all lined with BPA. Ug. So, Mindi and I wanted to get a true interpretation of what kind of foods that we had in our pantry, and ate on a regular basis, that were not canned, as well as evaluate the canned foods and find safer/better/healthier alternatives. We got a box, and literally put everything in a can, into that box. So then, we have this box of "tainted food" that we didn't know what to do with. We decided to donate it, but then realized that it would definitely fulfill the "food need" in our 3 Days 3 Ways plan. Wahoo! Moral of the story: I would rather eat some tainted food in a disaster than starve.

Here is a picture of our food box!

Does anyone else have an obsession with glass/ plastic/cans? What are you guys doing in regards to the news about BPA? It is found in a lot of baby bottles too!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun at the Farm

Yesterday, we loaded up, and headed to the farm! We had a blast! They had a little petting area, a hay maze, a pumpkin patch, sweet corn and a really fun corn maze that was the shape of WA state! The maze was WELL WORTH the $6 per head that we paid to get in. Being that there were numerous nooks 'n crannies, we were able to steal some precious little romantic moments for ourselves. With Harris strapped to my back with the help of our new-to-us-used Mai Tei, we navigated the maze like a team of police dogs, with Mindi in the lead... stealing an ear of corn here and there...

The pumpkin patch was great fun too! Everyone had wheelbarrows to tote their big orange finds, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get my hands on one. Luckily we had our stroller in the car, and so I just brought the base back without the seat, and viola! Our very own wheelbarrow, dirt and all...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Likes it Chunky

Harris is a good eater. Note that I am saying good and not fantastic, or wonderful, or bad. He is good. He has an attitude when it comes to eating. I can only presume that most children have a "food attitude" if you will, and that the vast majority of babies (and/or toddlers, and, well, teenagers too come to think of it...) don't simply sit there at the table with their mouths wide open like baby birds, ready to accept just anything that mama bird (or papa) wants to stick down the hatch. Harris has a certain pattern to his desires. He really loves being spoon fed, yet, he is also highly enjoying his new found "free will" and wants to only feed himself. (Oh, you just wait for that you new parents or new parents to be!! The "free will", oh, yeh, THAT's fun...) He has also decided that he really cares about the consistency of his food. He no longer wants simple pureed food. No no, now he wants it chunky. We give him all kinds of food, not just puree. He loves pasta and whole veggies, the broth of soups, tofu, potatoes, but he does still like his puree, but God forbid it be silky. As I mentioned before, he likes it chunky. One of Harris' favorite chunky purees is Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, made By Earth's Best Organics. It comes in the "big boy 6 oz jar", which he has been polishing off every morning. I decided that I was done buying this oatmeal at 1.19 a jar (give or take), and decided to make my own.

I put about 1/3 cup raisins and 1/2 cup applesauce into my Magic Bullet, (you could use a food processor) and blended it until there were no more chunks of raisin. I stuck the mixture in a bowl. I then cooked about 1/4 cup of thick cut rolled oats, waited for the extra water to absorb a bit more, and added it to the raisin/applesauce mixture. I added a bit of cinnamon, and then added about another 1/2 cup of applesauce. I tasted the mixture, and thought it was a good mix of flavors. The consistency was good and chunky (from the oats) but the puree part was not quite as thick as Harris usually likes it, so I thickened it with a little bit of his Earth's Best Oatmeal Cereal. I am pretty jazzed. I put about 2 days worth in a glass bowl in the fridge and I froze the rest. Now, if I could just find the Peach Apricot Muesli that he loved so much... that one looks a little trickier to emulate, and I would want to do a taste test!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


This picture is (lovingly) for my friend TIFF, who is adorably 30weeks pregnant with a little boy, and to all the other pregnant first time moms out there... this is what you are in for:

Luckily, later in the night, my house looked like this, but either way, Tiff, and all others... Be prepared for chaos!!!

I just thought I'd share...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Ok, I wanted to post some cute pictures that we took while at Harris' 9 month pediatrician appointment (about 2 weeks ago):

Harris enjoying the fish tank

I am not quite sure what my look is in this picture. As you may be able to tell, I got a haircut. I think it looks super cute in this picture, but my typical "hair days" certainly do not match this picture. I guess I got really lucky... too bad I wasn't smiling....

Stuffed gorillas make everything better:

Here we are discovering that, although we thought he was working on 2 new teeth, in reality, he is working on 4 new teeth, (1 of which has broken through in between the appointment and today, making his current tooth count 5...)

Here is Harris' first finger bandaid. It was super cute. He apparently thought it was quite tasty, and despite our best efforts to make sure it stayed on his finger and out of his mouth, he won again, and I discovered it in his mouth about 30 minutes later...

Yes, that needle was huge:

Mindi did a wonderful job of soothing him after that needle stick. I was horrified when I saw it. I mean, look at that thing! It looked as if it was longer than his arm is thick!

After we got home from the pediatrician's office, I got a phone call from the pediatrician. When I first answered the phone, I thought it was a tad strange to be speaking directly to the pediatrician. He called to inform me that the Hep B shot that my son had received was actually a Hep A shot... Long story short, this particular incorrect immunization will not negatively effect him, but I was, lets say, a tad irked that the nurse had given my nine month old the wrong shot... you would have thought that she would have double checked the notes... So yeh, that HUGE ASS NEEDLE contained the wrong stuff...

On a happier note, here is a cute reminder of Harris' first trip to the pediatrician at 5 days old... what a difference!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

STILL SLEEPING! GDiaper update

Ok, he is still sleeping- I was just looking at my Live Feed on my sidebar , and I saw that someone had come to my site via, looking for information on cloth inserts for gDiapers...

Woohoo! I love how word spreads online! Anyhoo, I wanted to address 3 things for the ladies that wanted to make these inserts... #1, I really think that 5 layers of microfiber will be too much. The pocket will end up being too bulky for the gD #2 I now make the entire top of the pocket fleece/flannel, instead of just a patch of fleece, and #3, I abandoned using the little fabric "caps" on the microfiber part after discovering that quilting the 4 layers of microfiber worked better! Here are some pics of my current cloth gDiaper inserts.

You can find my original instructions here

Honest, I Swear

I swear, I have more to say than what I have been saying (or not saying) as of late. I currently have a list of at least 10 blog posts that I WANT to write. I have been pretty frustrated lately. At every stage of harris' development, I think to myself, 'oh good, now that he can_______ he won't need me constantly...' . You veteran moms out there are probably laughing your asses off at my naive thought processes... He does. he still needs me ALL THE TIME. I love being a stay at home mom, but man is it taxing! I remember, back when I was about 20weeks preggers, I was over at my neighbor's house, and I remember asking her "don't you ever get bored?" I wish that I had snapped a picture of the look on her face; it was sheer disbelief- she must have been thinking that I was a complete nitwit. In retrospect, that question was as stupid as they come.


There is always SOMETHING going on to keep her attention. take right now, for example. It is 1:10pm my time. I have been desperately trying to complete this blog post since 9am. Yes, 9am. And you know what? I may not be able to finish it before i have to abandon it again for something else... (most likely, Harris), so, forgive me if i post this darn post without finishing a sentence... I kept thinking to myself, "oh, it's ok if I only get a few sentences in right now, I will do it at his 9:30am nap..." 9:30 came and went with no nap. Finally, at 10:45, he went down for a whopping 30 minutes. By that time, my laptop had decided to spite me, and I had to do a restart, and let the dog out, and get a snack, and before I knew it? Yup- the baby was awake.

I just got the baby down to nap and made a beeline for my computer to pound out my frustrations. Mid way through, Mindi asks me to do something- no problem. A few minutes later, I have to get up and do something else... The baby just woke up... it has only been 14 minutes... Mindi went in... bless her soul, he is sleeping again...

This last bit is to EVERY MOTHER OUT THERE: If ANYONE ever asks you what you have gotten done in a day, the answer, "the baby/child is still alive" is COMPLETELY APPROPRIATE in every way, shape, and form.

Oh my God, I even found time to add pictures from our weekend wedding camping trip!!

Here is my girl, with our little cutie, in front of the Scamp:

Here, they are all dressed up at the reception:

This one is my favorite because of Harris' smooshy face. This was the morning after the ceremony. We all enjoyed oatmeal in the camper.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twenty Minutes, 40 Seconds

If you care about the earth, when you have 20 minutes to spare, please take a look at this video. It is informative, and entertaining!

The Story of Stuff

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eating My Cares Away

Here is an extremely flattering picture of me out to breakfast with my best friend C. She has the uncanny ability to always catch me at my very best...
Oh, and this was before the oil delivery showed up...

Rough Times

Within the last 3 weeks:

$812 for car insurance
$575 for car maintainence
$522 for replacement of rear car window
and today, the oil man came, and we can now add
$673 for heating oil

When it rains, it pours.


Sunday, September 14, 2008


I promise I did not die! Lots of stuff as of late... new job, mom visiting, hard work on the trailer, great success with Harris pooping on the potty, a trailer excursion, a shot-out rear car window, new teeething pains for the baby, more to come I promise!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have been a PURGING MAD WOMAN lately! I have always had a tendency to feel overwhelmed by physical stuff, but I have also always had a hard time getting rid of that stuff. Most of the "stuff" had sentimental value, you know, and I just couldn't bring myself to part with the nick nacks. Then I stumbled across a great idea to help me rid my house, and therefor, my psyche of all the superfluous stuff in my life. Take a picture! That's right, take a picture- it'll last longer anyways, right? Take for example a small, ratty dictionary I had growing up. Inside that dictionary, were some pressed flowers from some HUGE event in my life. You can tell just how huge and important that event was in my life since I can't remember what it was. Anyways... I had held on to this thing since 6th grade. It had traveled with me from my parent's house to college, back home, off to the girlfriend's house, then a (!)boyfriends house, back to my parents house, then to mindi's place, then finally to Seattle... It had been around. I finally decided that I needed to get rid of it- REALLY. But I couldn't just- throw it away! It held great sentimental value, that ratty old book with decomposing flowers- it was SPECIAL! I am sure that you all have something like that in your lives. So, one day, I took it out, arranged it all nice and purty-like, and I took a picture of it, and threw it A-WAY! The picture was there, on my computer, not taking up any more valuable real estate in my bookshelf, I had a clear conscience that I did not destroy a precious memory, and my mind and home are less filled with clutter. Where is that picture now? It has long since made it's way through my computer recycle bin. After a while of looking at the photo, and realizing that I had no clue where the flowers came from, the sentimental value was lost, and I was able to say bye bye for good. For other things, though, it is nice to look back at the pictures and remember.

I have seriously been scaling down my house and my belongings. We just unloaded 2 nightstands, our bed frame, a ceiling fan, some outdoor speakers, a few pillows, some books, some clothes- you get the idea. I am still going strong in my quest to rid. I read a quote from the SimpleMom Blog that has inspired me to do such things:

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." -William Morris

What a great quote!!

For more inspiration to free your house of the extras, try these sites that I love:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pick a Name

The trailer is coming along. I had mentioned before that I had completely gutted it, minus the closet. I washed the walls down about 4 times. That was probably the worst part about this whole over-haul! I sealed the seams in the insulation, primed it twice, and finally got the paint on! The paint made a HUGE difference!! Mindi was able to give me some time to work on the trailer today, and I managed to almost complete the new wiring (I just need a few quick wire splices to be done). I also started laying the new floor. I found this great flooring at Home Depot that looks like laminate flooring, but it is really vinyl! It even goes together in planks like laminate. It is just what we needed to help us avoid the problem of potential dampness or water damage to the flooring. I am getting really excited about it since I am finally doing things, as opposed to UN-doing things.

I am really trying to think of what to name the Scamp! I think that if i come up with something fun, I will put it on the outside of the trailer when I paint it!

Any ideas for names?????

Here is a quick comparison of before and "during"!
BEFORE: Holy Harvest!DURING: Ahhhh Refreshing!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Infant Toothbrushing

My baby got his first tooth when he was about 5 months old. He cut the next one a few days later, and is currently working on his top 2 teeth. The left one broke the skin today, while the right one should be showing up in the next couple of days. Right from the get-go, we wanted to make sure that we practiced good oral hygiene with him. We realized that there were many products on the market meant to achieve the task of brushing those tiny chompers.

I was out with a friend and a friend of a friend a couple weeks ago. She has a son around the same age of mine and was going on and on about how her son hated having his teeth brushed. She told me stories of practically having to hold him down in the name of a tooth brushing. Picture bucking bronco. She was getting so worked up about it and had this look of terror on her face, like her son's teeth were already rotting out of his head, and he only had 3! She looked at me with that new mom plead in her eyes and asked "do you brush His teeth?". I said, "no, he does". "what do you mean by THAT?!" "well" I said, "I hand him a wet toothbrush and he puts It in his mouth and chews on it."

Try it.

It really doesn't take anything special. Just a regular toothbrush with soft bristles and a compact head. You probably have one waiting in your linen closet. Or, if you are feeling sassy, you can get one of these. Harris LOOOVES his! It makes him giggle every time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Scamp

E. M. and the Little Man asked me...
"I was wondering if you have gone anywhere in your scamp and if you like it? My partner and I are thinking of getting one. You made it sound so functional and nice. Thanks for any info you can provide."

Well ladies, besides the little adventure we took driving from Seattle to Southern CA, and back in 5 days, we have not taken any other trips with our fiberglass "egg". I have been slowly working on the trailer since we got back from that first trip. To date, I have taken out the entire interior of the trailer, minus the closet, removed the carpet, washed the walls, sealed the seams, repaired the floor, painted the inside wheel wells, picked the paint color, purchased the new flooring, and purchased the new wiring, all on the weekends when Mindi can take Harris. I have been enjoying every minute of it (minus washing the walls), and it has given me plenty of time to think back to our initial trip with the Scamp. I am grateful that we slept in the trailer for the last 2 nights, because it gave us a really good idea about what elements were necessities vs. niceties. Despite the trailer being old and a little bit stinky, we LOVED our experience in it so far. I find that the camper is a nice compromise for the 2 of us. I would be happy sleeping on hay, whereas, Mindi needs a few more creature comforts, like, not waking up in a puddle if it rains. I also think that ***the trailer is very versatile. Eventually, we will buy an "Add a Room" or a screened/walled canopy. We will be able to utilize this for dining, or sleeping if we have friends come along. This add a room will also help me feel like I am a little closer to nature. We find that a porto potti is very handy, especially in the middle of the night. The trailer is very light, and can be pulled by a 4 cylinder car (such as my Toyota Matrix), and due to it's small size, it is pretty easy to store. You may consider hopping over to fiberglass rv. Everything you wanted to know and more can be found there.

I am hoping that, in some roundabout way, I answered your questions... Please, if you have any more, let me know!

***I am speaking specifically about a 13 foot fiberglass trailer. There are a few brands of fiberglass trailers out there. At this time, I think that Scamp is the only brand to currently manufacture this size. You can, however, buy a 13 foot fiberglass trailer used, or, if you have some sweet cash to spend, go check out the TaB trailer- it too, is rockin'!
Here is Harris during our first night in gthe Scamp!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good Things

Harris is going crazy crawling around and standing up against anything not moving... For those of you who are desiring photos, here is my weekend in pictures. My weekend was pretty darn good. It started Friday morning with my little cutie showing off his talent and apparent pride regarding his ability to sit on the potty all by himself:

Then, the curiosity regarding what Harris would have looked like as a girl, led to this:

Here is some Miscellaneous cuteness:
After lunch, we had fun with our toothbrush like always:
Then we all had Shabbat dinner together:

After more toothbrushing, he hit the sack and we relaxed together.

Saturday morning Harris looked out of this window for close to an hour, and yes, he is wearing a pink gDiaper, and no, it was not a mistake...

Then my diapers got rained out, which was a bummer, (and no, that is not my typical laundry basket):

But Mindi made up for the rainy day with her FANTASTIC pizza, made with Broccolini, zuchini, sauteed mushrooms, and heirloom tomatoes:

Then, to top it all off, after putting the boy to bed, I look out the window, and what do I see?

Life is full of good things.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Lets' see... Harris still has his cold. It is much better now, but it is still lingering. At the 1 week mark, we took him to the Dr. Up to a week, I am fine with, but I don't like to see anyone sick for longer than that... They took us the same day we called. They wanted to check for bronchitis. Luckily for everyone involved, he does not have bronchitis but was on the road to ear infection city. The NP gave us a script for meds if he started showing signs of an actual ear infection. Luckily, it does not appear that an ear infection is in the cards for our little one. Thank goodness!!

I have been making an active effort to try to get out more. When I was pregnant, I oftentimes day dreamed about the hip, cool, on the go mom I would be. Somehow, I guess I kind of thought that when you joined the "mom club" you would automatically get a list sent directly to your thinker about the dates and times of the next street fair, or play group for infants, or the tide tables for the local wade pool. Not so... I realized that duh, I have to do the work of "finding the funs" if you will. I have a certain mom friend that does help me branch out a bit though. She introduced me to the Local farmers market, and the hippist wade pool in the city of Seattle. I really do mean hip by the way. Close your eyes and picture a grassy, sunny with GREAT shade patches park/wade pool combo, where there is actually a person in which there job is simply to sit there and test the water pH every hour... yeh, wow! And get this, they blow a little whistle, all the kids have to get out, she does her little test for pH and fecal microbe levels (lol) and if the levels are not quite right, they drain the whole wade pool and then fill it up again- multiples times per day... By the time we got there this afternoon, it was half filled, and filling. It was quite a sight. But I digress- not only was the pool itself hip, and the park hip, and the playground hip, but you should have seen the moms there!! There was not a single dad in sight I tell you, and at LEAST 50% of the moms were toting their tot in a Bugaboo stroller, all tanned and gussied up like they were going out with their best girlfriends for mimosas, brunch, and a shopping spree... Not to mention, they were all wearing a wrap or sling. I find it interesting how certain trends move through or around the mainstream. Although I am no expert, I can almost guarantee that before wraps and slings were "hip" they were considered "hippy". I sure am glad that that thinking is done with.

Wow, that was a total ramble fest.

So, as I mentioned, harris is crawling, and pulling up. Typically, Harris sleeps on his own little mattress (a co sleeper mattress) on the floor next to our platform bed. In the middle of the night, (around 3 or 4) when he gets up for a bottle, I feed him, change him, and then "try" to put him back on his bed, but usually he ends up in our bed. I have been trying to try harder to get him to spend the whole night in his bed, simply for personal space reasons...
Anyways, so the other night, I got up, fed him, changed him, and put him back in his bed. I was just starting to dose off, when I opened my eyes and found myself looking right into Harris' eyes. He smiled, I giggled. He wanted in. He had gone through all the trouble of standing up at my bedside (a big feat for a little guy!) to let me know that he wanted to come to bed with us. i thought it was super cute, and when he put his little hand on mine, the deal was sealed, and into the family bed he came.

Monday, July 28, 2008

What a Snot

His hands are cold, his forehead is hot. He has not had more than 2 hours of uninterupted sleep in the last 48 hours, and, incidentally, neither have we. His boogies have reached a bright lime green. Ahhhh, this is what it is to be a mother! We have reached yet another milestone with him. His first cold. He is bubbling and dripping, yet still in a festive mood. I know that if I were in his state, I would be lying in bed, grumbling and calling mindi to bring me some chicken soup. I got the bug too, but not even a quarter as badly as my baby did. I know what happened, too. It was from an innocent french kiss, shared between my little guy and the cute neighbor boy...
Here is to hoping that everyone gets a little sleep tonight!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lesson Learned

Soooo, Harris started crawling 2 days shy of his 7 month Birthday. 2 Days later, he started pulling up. I was expecting maybe, that he would need more time in between the two, but I guess I was wrong. We installed a baby gate in the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen. The stairs to the basement lead out from the kitchen, and everyone knows that babies and stairs don't mix. I was in the kitchen, making Harris and my breakfast, when I hear him giggle on the other side of the gate. I looked over, and there he was- standing there. He was holding onto the gate like jail cell bars. I was a little perplexed for a moment. I was unsure as to whether or not I should let him stand there, or if I should gently detach his grip from the bars and sit him down somewhere out of fear that he would fall down and bonk his head. Then, I was met with the predicament of him being on the OTHER side of the gate. How on earth was I supposed to pick him up? How on earth was I supposed to open the gate? If I tried, then my fear may come true and he might go tumbling to the ground with a thud...

Then he sat down and giggled before crawling off...


Ok, so then I think to myself, "Self, when you are not on the same side of the gate as Harris, at least place him in the excer-saucer in the corner of the living room!"

"Wow, I am brilliant" I think to myself.

I place Harris in the saucer and walk away to finish making my coffee. From the kitchen, I hear riiiiiiiip, followed by copious amounts of giggling. I walk around the corner to find this:

Well, will wonders never cease!

Note to self: Um, whoops!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clean your Child, Green your Life

I think that I have become borderline obsessed with "greening" my life. It is not that I was unaware of the potential dangers of the cleaning products etc under my sink, it is just that, like many people, I chose to ignore it. Of course, having a baby certainly does change things. I am know very aware of nasty chemicals on my baby's skin and I am really trying to phase out the bad in favor of the "green".

I will tell you though, that there is something that really gets my goat... I have seen many magazine articles and online articles about how to green your life. They talk about these great new, green products that you should get- "toss the harmful chemicals and get this fantastic green cleaner!" It is all good good good. I love it- but wait? What else are these articles proposing? That you "toss" one product in favor of another. Doesn't that seem a tad bit wasteful? The magazines should be saying- "hey, when you finish that bottle of Windex, try mixing up a spray bottle of 60/40 water and vinegar!" or, "Instead of tossing that old T-shirt in favor of Organic cotton, have Lynn whip it into a stylin' sack to reuse in a different way!" (Shameless plug).

So, stepping off of my soapbox now...

I realized that along with the introduction to solid food, came the need for stronger food schmear fighting artillery- namely, bibs. We have a few bibs for Harris. They are super cute. Yes, that is all, they are cute. They did a decent job catching little spit-ups and teething drool, but they are certainly not going to cut it to catch our Vegetarian Pot Pie. On a side note, I also realized that I was going through more dish towels since the little one started eating real food. I had a Revelation!

Dish Towel=Huge Bib

Less is more. If you are going to get more new things, at least make sure they serve at LEAST 2 functions!

Here is how to make a SIMPLE Dish towel bib to be used as either one as needed.

1. Buy some snaps *Inexpensive, and despite this belief, you DO NOT need a special tool to apply snaps. All you need is a hammer and a bobbin or spool of thread.

2. Buy some standard kitchen hand/dish towels. Buy new if you have to, but I am sure that you could find some at a thrift store.

3. Fold your towel in half (short wise not lengthwise).

4. Place a mark approximately 6 inches in at the top on both sides of the towel. This is where you will place your snaps.

5. Place the back ring of the snap. *Note snaps have 3 elements- a back ring, a male snap, and a female snap, if you will. the back ring is what secures the male or female to the fabric. To "place the back ring, you must push the teeth through the fabric. An easy way to do this without stabbing yourself is to use a pencil eraser to push the fabric over the teeth.

6. Once the back ring is set, place a male snap over the teeth. Use the hammer and bobbin (or spool) to hammer the snap down onto the teeth. Make sure that the ring and snap are completely, and evenly attached.

7. Place your other ring back and repeat the steps using the female snap. Make sure that the male and female snaps are facing each other when the towel is folded.

8. Put the bib on your child and hand him marinara sauce.

By the way, if your child happens to grow, you can always make the neck part larger by simply adding another female snap about an inch away from the original

P.S. If you use your towels to physically dry your dishes, MIND THE SNAPS! I will not be held responsible for scratches on Great Aunt Millie's fine china.
***This post was recently highlighted on RookieMoms! This is a great blog about 2 women's guide to the first year of motherhood! Go check them out!


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