Monday, December 31, 2007

What a Year

Well folks, 2007 is finally coming to a close. Wow, what a year it has been! Every month had it's stories, it's accomplishments, it's trials. Here is a recap of my year:

January: I built a shed with the help of my close friend Vic
February: Mindi's father,(Our Son's namesake)lost his battle with kidney cancer on Valentine's day
March: We continued our journey with ttc, and experienced the insemination that worked (although we didn't know it at the time) and I was able to visit my parents for the first time back home since I moved to Seattle in September 2005.
April: This was the month that the pregnancy extravaganza began- the excitement was intoxicating!

May: We had our first ultrasound. Mindi's mother was able to be there with us for it. I never thought that a little black and white blob on a computer screen could be so beautiful...
June: The month of the "Extreme Nesting" house siding-scrubbing extravaganza...
July: The month that the belly really starts popping into a pregnant bump.

August: The month in which Mindi first felt the baby moving.
September: The Babymoon in San Diego- our last real vacation as a "couple".
October: The month of baby showers and my last days at work.

November: The month of our 2 year Wedding anniversary, and the month that I had the most fun taking pictures of my burgeoning belly.

December: Our last Channukah as a couple, More extreme nesting, and of course, the swift and beautiful arrival of our son, Harris.

This year has been the most life changing year for me. I am so happy and full of love for my whole family. Here's to a happy New Year to all of my friends, readers, stalkers, and lurkers. May 2008 see that your dreams come true!


  1. What a great 2007 you had! Happiest new year to all three of you!

  2. What a good year indeed for your family :) Here's hoping 2008 brings us all as much happiness if not more!!

  3. Happy New Year. I found your blog recently and have been enjoying it. I loved that someone took a picture of you mid-contraction. I wish I had a blog last year to chronicle my pregnancy and birth. We're in Washington also.

  4. Awesome post - and an amazing year. Happy New Year girls!

  5. Dear Harris:
    Everyone writes to your moms, but I wanted to say that I have been waiting to catch a glimpse of you for about a month or so. Now that you are here, I think you were worth the wait.

    I hope you like living in Seattle, there is a lot of great stuff to do for you when you get older and really neat things to see and learn. So, maybe all that sleep you are doing is a good thing, rest up for when you really can have at it. Like, next year this time.

    I hope that Bris thing wasn't to hard on you. But just look at it this way, it can only gets better after that.

    Have a good nap Harris.



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