Sunday, December 2, 2007

Was that something? Let the questions begin!

Today I am 37w3d. Last night I woke up to an uncomfortable contraction, followed shortly after by another uncomfortable contraction... I have been having more frequent Braxton Hicks or "practice" contractions lately, which is totally normal for a persona at my stage in pregnancy. I notice, however, that when I have a contraction at night time, and I am laying down, and if I have to pee, then the contractions are stronger feeling. Not painful, just stronger. But last night, they hurt. 2 in a row. I jumped (yeh, right, wriggled, squirmed, whatever) out of bed to go potty. I found myself thinking, as I sat on the toilet, "should I call the midwife?". Then I must have snapped back to reality because I bonked myself on my forhead with my head, thinking to myself that if I had to ask myself if I should call the midwife, then it ws not time to call. I have full faith and onfidence that I WILL KNOW when I am in labor. I went back to bed without another thought and awoke this morning to the cozy little wiggles of the wee babe in my belly.


  1. ok, now you have me offically nervous! yikes! :) oh and just to be the pest who points out your prego brain, how do you hit yourself on your forehead with your head?! hehe ;)

  2. I started reading that post and thought ...holy crap, it's beginning! ha ha....i think you're suffering from pregnancy brain too - hit yourself on the forehead with your head....i was thinking the same thing as crystal! is the baby moving around a lot now??

  3. the baby is still cruising! I realized after I posted the blog that there was no way to hit myself in the forehead with my head, along with noticing the other silly typos and such, but I figured I would leave it as a reminder of my "dummer days". :)

  4. and yes, "dummer" not "dumber"


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