Saturday, December 15, 2007

"The Recap" for Renee and Janice

I really appreciate the fact that people actually read my blog. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I also really appreciate it when people ask me questions. It makes me feel as though my experiences ARE actually worth something to someone besides me. I got a great question from Renee and Janice...
"Oh.. one more question, I saw you all have not found out what you are having, I give you much credit for that, I am way too OCD. Have you had any dreams either way? Or any thoughts? Also, I wanted to see if you could post your TTC process, how many times and the time it worked, what did you all do?
THanks so much!!"

Well Renee and Janice, I am glad that you ask. I didn't start an honest to goodness blog until I BECAME pregnant. Blogging has been such a great experience that I am kind of kicking myself for not blogging about our TTC journey- maybe I thought that no one would give a hoot about some lesbos trying to get knocked up, but I have found that we are simply one of MANY lesbian families desiring to start a family! So now, to answer your questions...

As far as the sex of the baby, I think I have had 1 dream that it was a boy, and 1 dream that it was a girl. Nothing too intriguing there lol.

As far as what we did? Well, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere goes!

My partner Mindi and I began our TTC journey in May 2006, 2 months after buying a house, 6 months after getting "married", and almost 4 years after becoming a couple. We didn't know exactly where our journey would take us, but we did know a few things.
1. We wanted to use an anonymous donor
2. We wanted it to happen as quickly and effectively as possible
3. We would have to pay for everything out of pocket

I viewed TTC the same way as I would view, say, a new roofing job. There are 3 things that people want when they hire someone to do something. People want...
1. inexpensive
2. fast
3. quality

I also know, however, that it is almost impossible to get all three things from a contractor. You can get a "quick n dirty job done for cheap" a "quality job that takes for-ev-er for cheap", or you can get a fast, high quality job done that will cost you a fortune! We decided that we were willing to pay more if it would take a shorter amount of time and if the techniques we were using would potentially be more effective.

We went straight to a doctor. We purchased and stored frozen anon sperm. We told the doc that we "wanted to get the show on the road". "Drug me, poke me, prod me- just get me pregnant" is pretty much exactly what I said to her. And so, the journey began. It was pretty much the same protocol from the first try. I have mild PCOS and so we started the first cycle with a low dose of Clomid. The clomid make my ovaries go nutso, so after a 2 month break to let my ovaries get over the shock, we continued on with femera- a milder ovulation enhancing drug. So, then it began FOR REAL... CD1 period, CD3-CD7 femera, CD12 follicle study (dildo cam internal ultrasound to check for ripe follicles,)CD 12 or 13 HcG booster shot(to aid ovulation), CD 13 or 14 IUI (inter uterine insemination), 2WW (two week wait). We did this exact same protocol for 8 cycles total. The first 2 cycles we inseminated twice each cycle, and the cycles after that we only inseminated once each cycle. After the 5th cycle, I had an HSG dye test to make sure my tubes were healthy. The cycle that worked had 1 change to it. TIMING. As anyone trying to get pregnant knows TIMING IS EVERYTHING. I had had a feeling that we may have been inseminating a little too soon (24 hours after the HcG booster). I always felt as if the spermies were dead by the time the egg finally decided to show. I asked my doctor, since it was our last vial of sperm in the deep freeze, if she would consult with an RE for this last cycle before IVF. She did; we inseminated closer to 34 hours later and BINGO!


  1. Wow!! Thank you for posting the recap for me. So, the time ya got pregnant, you only did it the one time at the Dr.'s office about 34 hours the trigger shot? And it took ya about 8 months to get there? You give me hope!! Do ya have names picked out yet?? Can't wait to meet the little one!!

  2. Renee, you have it pretty much down, but we tried for 8 CYCLES, which was actually more like the equivelant of 10 months... as far as names- yes, they are picked out... be patient....;)

  3. I happened upon your blog by accident. But have been checking it regularly ever since to see your progress and to cheer you on.

    I am a lesbian, but I grew up in the era where we didn't say that as often as we do now. My partner and I back in 1980 talked about having a baby. The 80's were starting to seem pretty progressive and we were outing ourselves more often to family and friends. Then the AID epidemic hit and people seemed to be frightened of us once again.

    Needless to say, we did not have a baby. There seemed a million reasons to have one, and a million reasons not to. My partner and I remained together for 10 years, but continued pressure from her family finally seperated us, she was the love of my life, and will always remain so. After we split I promised myself I would never hesitate again to say I was a Lesbian.

    I am happy that young people such as yourselves can openly have children. That you can write about it freely. I know there are times where we still feel imprisoned by our own Government, but we have come a long way and we will go further.

    When your daughter (did I say daughter?), when your child, is your age, it is my sincerest hope that you will be able to tell them stories about how at one time Mommy could not marry the one she loved because people who were afraid said no. And your child will look at you in disbelief at such a silly notion.

    Sorry to ramble so much on your blog, but I wanted to let you know where I wandered in from and I why I read your blog.

    Warmest Regards and Wishes. R.

  4. Thank you "R" for leaving such an introspective comment! My partner enjoyed reading it as much as I did. I am happy to know that you have never forgotten your old partner, and hopefully, in the future, as you said, all will be equal!!! Thanks again!

  5. 4 Days!!!!!! Can't imagine the excitement you two must be feeling!!!

    I love the picture of your tummy with Mindi's hand!!!! I will be checking online often from here on out that's for sure! Do you think you'll have the wee one on the "due date" or before, or after??

    I hope you guys aren't a pile of nerves.....I am sending calming thoughts your way and CANNOT wait to "meet" the precious baby!!!!

  6. Hi! I stumbled upon you guys and love your story and it reminds me a lot of me and my partner. We plan to start TTC in September, most likely with anonymous donor sperm.
    Can I ask you a question that you totally don't have to answer?

    How much did it cost you total for all of the inseminations/meds/etc.?

    Thanks & so excited for you!

  7. Jessie- that is a great question! All in all, it cost us about $9,000. Our insurance covered a few small things like office visits and the HSG test, but we had to pay for most of it out of pocket! Thanks for asking!


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