Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Project: Eject Baby Update

OK, first I want to address some questions/comments on the birthing pool. Our birthing pool is really a kiddie pool.

It cost me about $25.00 plus shipping online. There are inflatable pools out there for purchase that are meant to be birthing pools- they are deep and have handles inside to grasp. They are much more expensive, however, because they are called "birthing pools" and not just "kiddie pool". The kiddie pool I purchased is also on the site above, but I found it cheaper elsewhere. You can look at the specs if you want. 2 people can easily fit in the pool I purchased. It is not necessarily my goal to "birth in the water". If that is where I end up being most comfortable, great, but my main goal is to use it as a form of pain relief and relaxation during what will be unmedicated contractions. I also have a bed in the same room that I may decide to birth on instead. In response to a comment about water births being frowned upon, I have heard that as well, but I have never really heard of any reasoning behind the claim. If you have any insight into the matter, please, I would like to hear about it. I googled YWCA and water birth but only came up with positives. i would love to read the article!

Before I forget, I wanted to point out how cute my wife's little butt is here:

Now, back to project: eject baby...

what we have tried:

Spicy Food

Birth Ball

Breast Pumping/ Nipple Stimulation


Next up...
Pineapple... and LOTS of it!

"Pineapple is said to induce labor as well. Pineapple, as well as papaya and mango, contain a proteolytic enzyme called bromelain. When bromelain is consumed with meals, it assists in the digestion of proteins. When taken on an empty stomach, bromelain acts medicinally as an anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, naturopathic medicine uses this enzyme to reduce pain and swelling."
I will report back with my results after my "pineapple dinner". My goal is to eat 4 pineapples in one sitting, but I will cut 2 at a time... just in case...

Oh, and Renee- I am on Pacific time FYI :)


  1. happy week 40!

    i was surprised to read that you've heard birthing in the water is frowned upon. i've heard the opposite and have been working with my doula to prepare for a water labor and/or birth. my midwife is 100% behind it.

    good luck...i'm sure it'll be any day now! :)

  2. my midwife doesn't frown upon water laboring--we plan on having the exact kiddie/birthing pool--but she doesn't recommend the actual birth in the water, and for only one reason: it's hard to gauge bloodloss underwater.

    if i were really adamant about having a water birth, she'd concede, but she said that most women actually want firm ground for the birthing part...

    checking in a few times a day...maybe soon?

  3. Our birthing center has fabulous whirlpools for waterbirth. Their only restriction is that they want you to get out of the water pretty soon after the baby is born so they can gauge blood loss and deal with the placenta.

    I am watching your Project Eject Baby with great amusement and interest, btw.

    :) Four pineapples? That is just insane. Sounds like it might have the same uhhhh.... effect as castor oil.

  4. ourbabyblue.wordpress.comDecember 20, 2007 at 7:16 AM

    i too have only heard wonderful things about water births. watch the ones on the trailer for the only "frowns" i've seen are certainly stemming from fear - by the birthing mother and/or practitioner. i think it's great that you are giving yourself options.

    this is all so thrilling! i will be checking in several times a day too. i can't stand the suspense!

  5. Careful with the pinapple, all the acid will wear the skin off your lips and roof of your mouth. It is very uncomfortable.

    Good luck!

  6. Ok, time for me to finally pipe in.

    I have had two successful, unmedicated waterbirths.(at a hospital) If I was to do it again, I'd do the same.
    I definitely appreciated the feel of the tub. No pressure on your back, etc.

    How are you going to fill your tub with warm water?

    If you have more specific questions, let me know.


  7. OOOOHHH an excuse to eat lots of pineapple!

    If you want you can email me @ - I have gorgeous pictures from a friends water birth that i could share with you!

  8. OFGS, let me just come and get you two and drive you down every really bumpy road we can find and in two hours you will have that baby.

  9. OKay, baby, come on out!!!

    I didn't even think about being on Pacific time, okay, I'll let it go then. But, really, ya need to post on here several times a day and let us stalkers know what's going on :) This baby will definitely know how much it was wanted and waited on by all of us :)

    BTW, I hope to do a water birth when our time comes, can't wait to hear if you do it and how it goes :)

  10. Ive heard acupressure can help stimulate labor also. Maybe you guys can try that also.

  11. this is sooooo completely random, but one of your project: eject baby posts came up in your "you might like..." suggestions, so i just read through them :) anyway, the really random part is i'm wondering- where did you get those curtains in the birthing pool picture?? is it possible that they are still a pattern that's for sale somewhere? they would be perfect for my house! haha, thanks :)

  12. Mr & Mrs. B- the curtains are from IKEA. I don't see them on the website anymore, and I am going to guess that they were discontinued!


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