Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mama Mindi is getting anxious!

We are on our way to 39 weeks (coming this Thursday). I have been having tons of contractions- some I can barely feel, others that are more intense. My girl is so cute- she never wants me to be alone at this point. Some of her coworkers are throwing her a little baby shower today- I think that it is super sweet because most baby showers focus on the pregnant lady, but I will not even be there (visitors are not allowed in the building). I am really happy that people are celebrating HER for once, and not me. She was pretty nervous about "coming out" to her coworkers about "having a baby" soon. Luckily, she just took the angle of "I am adopting a baby and will be taking a little time off". I am really happy for her :) She was nervous about leaving me at home during the baby shower, but I assured her that I would be juuuust fine!


  1. That's awesome! Very cool for Mindi (and you). I think it's so cute how she doesn't want you left alone! Is it normal to be having contractions days before labor starts?

    I may have asked you this yet...not really sure...what are you guys calling each other when the baby is here? ie...Mommy and Mama ?? Just curious!

    8 Days! It's weird...this whole blogging experience. I remember finding your blog in June and it has been so cool to read your posts and follow your story! I feel like this is a countdown to a much-anticipated event! Have you really enjoyed being pregnant??

  2. Ha Ha... hmmm it is normal for contractions to start as early as 20 weeks- they are "practice" contractions and they tend to get stronger as you near your due date. As far as what we will have the baby call us( when s/he can talk) We will probably push for "Mom" and "Mommala" the latter being a yiddish thing, but we realize that it will essentially be up to the kid in the end...

    ANd to answer the last question, about enjoying being pregnant? Well, not really. LOL. It is pretty rad to know that I am growing a baby and that there is another person inside me, but my personal experience with the hormonal surges has not been so great. If it weren't for the hormonal ups and downs, then yes, I think that I really would have enjoyed the pregnancy more!

    p.s. I will TOTALLY do it again though ;)

  3. Oh come on! I checked this blog again because I was sure you had that baby and I was goingto see a pic of her and find out how well you were all doing and here POOH stories. Come on I am an old woman, I don't have this kind of time, drop that puppy!


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