Saturday, December 22, 2007

Good Times

After moping around all morning, my girl convinced me that we should go out and walk. It was rainy and ugly out, so we decided to brave the mall despite the fact that it was the Saturday before Christmas... It was actually pretty fun- I got a lot of neat looks as if I had a big neon sign over my head saying "OVERDUE". It was good for some soft chuckles at least. I was so excited when I spotted a Brookstone store that had one of those foot massagers. A light bulb went on in my head like "Oh my God, a foot massage can bring on labor!". So I plopped down into the chair and proceeded to get jiggled and rubbed. Mindi had to help me put my shoes back on, as I can no longer reach my feet...

After braving the mall, we scampered off to dinner at a cute little Vietnamese restaurant. It was way cooler than we expected it to be- the decor was top notch and they even had live music- something we totally did not expect from the area of town we were dining in! We got home at about 8pm or so, and settled down in front of our computers. I started having my typical contractions. After about an hour, I started timing them using a great contraction-timing website called Contraction Master.

Get this... contractions every 5-8 minutes, lasting from 45-90 seconds a piece.

So that's pretty neat huh?

Don't get yourselves into a tizzy now- they are not even close enough to necessitate a phone call to the midwife, but at least I know my body is "gearing up" which is a good thing. I still think that this baby will be born on the 24th. If I am right about that, then tomorrow, my body should start "kicking it up a notch".

...But who really knows... ;)


  1. hey, thanks so much for stopping into the good old outback on your little excursion to southcenter. I needed a Lynn/baby hug!! you are a gem :
    Oh, and I am now sure it's gonna be a christmas baby!

  2. so exciting! good luck! i can't think of a better gift than a christmas eve/christmas baby.

  3. THAT"S wONDERFUL!!! :) Oh, a Christmas baby, how wonderful and awesome. What a great gift of the season!!! Can't wait to find out when she/he actually comes out!! Make sure you or your DP can keep us all posted :) Sending you lots and lots of happy baby birth vibes and reiki to ya :)

  4. I remember being a few days overdue and we went out for a walk in the city and I got those "she's overdue!!!" looks. Fun times. Sounds like you are enjoying these last few days.


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