Friday, December 28, 2007

First Day out

Today was the first day that Mindi and I left the house with Harris. I have not even been out of the basement of my house since Sunday (BDAY). We had to take Harris to his first pediatrician's appointment (which went great). I got into my car to drive us to the appointment, and I could've sworn that Mindi's mom (from out of town) had rearranged my seat to drive it. After adjusting only the mirror, I couldn't figure out how else to adjust my car back to my normal seat adjustment. Everything seemed normal, but wrong at the same time.- The seat felt too far back, but I was comfortable with the pedal placement... my steering wheel seemed high up but it was on it's lowest setting.... then I realized it! The reason my seat felt "off" was because my belly was sitting in a carseat behind me...

We are all doing well- I am exhausted beyond my wildest imagination. I am averaging 3 hours of sleep per day- and those 3 hours are usually split into 2 chunks. uuuug...


  1. But you still look great-- :)
    i just can't stop saying CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. Happy first day out!
    You guys both look awesome.

  3. Honey, I wish I looked like that after a week of 3 hours sleep! Thanks for the update. You, Mindi, and Harris have been on my mind a lot this week. I'll try sending you some restful vibes. oxox

  4. Wow. That is one beautiful boy! You guys look awesome - especially after 3 hours of sleep!! I can't imagine. Hope you are able to get some MUCH NEEDED rest very soon.

  5. Why isn't Mindi driving if you're so exhausted??

  6. good question anonymous- i am always the driver and she is going on the same amount of sleep!


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