Thursday, December 20, 2007

Due TODAY 40weeks and counting...

Anonymous- I am sorry you were wrong about the baby not coming on the 19th (yesterday)... you have NO IDEA how sorry I really am...

Jenny- You are sooooo right about the pineapple- but it tasted better than Castor oil...

MD Baby Maker- you are ALSO so right about the pineapple!

MaMaMia- We will be filling the tub using a garden hose and a faucet adapter. We have a bathroom next to the "birthing room" and a long enough hose. We also have a water pump to get the water out afterwards. The faucet adapter was purchased at Lowes. Almost all hardware stores have them :).

Project: Eject Baby Update
Ok, so last night, as you know, we purchased 4 fresh pineapples. After getting some strange looks from the guy ahead of us in line and some knowing smiles from our friendly cashier, we headed home. It was a little too early for me to eat at 6pm- I had just indulged in a Chai Tea Latte and I needed to wait till I was hungry. 8pm rolled around and I began slicing. I absolutely LOVE pineapple. I was determined to eat all four in one sitting. As I was slicing the second pineapple, Mindi suggested that I just eat those two and come back and slice the other two later. I reluctantly agreed.

This is what I was up against:

The pineapple was good- I got really lucky that they were ripe, but at about this point, the pineapple really started loosing it's appeal:

By the time I reached this point, my tongue was burning, my bowels were screaming and by stomach was retching...

It was a barforific experience. Needless to say, it did NOT put me into labor grumble grumble... and now, I am pooping pineapple, and my tongue burns so bad that I had a hard time eating my Cheerios for breakfast... And lets not forget, I only made it through 2 pineapples. The other two beauties are in the kitchen waiting for me- maybe for lunch- although I risk not having a tongue when it is over- I will have to weigh the risks...

So what next?
Citrucel, and LOTS OF IT

Does anyone else have any suggestions??? ANYONE???


  1. I dunno!! My friend tried everything too and then when she stopped trying, she started with the contractions and the baby came 12 hours later. Who knows??? But I'd be trying everything too if I were you, I'm sure you just want him/her OUT!! :)

  2. I tried pineapple too, but with no luck.

    At your last appointment, how far dilated/effaced were you? That might give you an indication of when the kid is heading out....

  3. Also... isn't there supposed to be some tea that helps? Like... raspberry leaf tea?

    And be sure you are getting out and going for walks, or sweeping around the house, etc. Moving around like that and exerting yourself is supposed to help.

    It looks like there is a full moon in the next few days, so that should help as well.... Good luck! I'm really enjoying reading about all the efforts!

    And, by the way, I had a dream the other night that I was at your house with Mindi, trying to get it all cleaned up for you so you didn't have to work hard after delivering the baby. Oddly, my mother and her twin were there as well. ( mother has no twin....) Bizarre.

  4. Stacey- the red raspberry leaf tea is meant to "tone the uterus" for labor- it is actually pretty good tea too! I do know that I am at least 2+ cent dilated and 50% effaced as of Monday, but it is actually not a good indicator of when the baby will come- too bad! And, like you said about the full moon- it happens Christmas Eve, and I have always felt that if the baby didn't come during Channukah (at the beginning of Dec., then I thought it would come on the full moon Christmas Eve! We will see!!

    I love your dream by the way- and we can always use more of your mom- she is a gem :).

  5. Hmmm, how bout a uterine massage!! Or maybe you can just sit and have a long talk with the baby...come out, come out wherever you are!!!

  6. You don't know how sorry I am also. Now I am positive you are having a girl. She is just going to come out when she is darn good and ready.

    Personally all I ever wanted in my life was a Womb with a View. R.

  7. Sex, sex, sex. The nastiest dirtiest you can muster. Oxytocin is oxytocin.

    Did you use a KD? If so, get him to give you a sample of the spooge, the prostaglandins in semen are apparently excellent for inducing labor. According to what I have heard, oral injestion would work best but EWWWWWWWW.

    My midwife says 2 500 mg evening primrose oil twice daily by mouth, plus 2 in the vajayjay at bedtime. Also use it to do your perineal massage. After you have sex.

    I have heard good things about eggplant.

    Good luck!

  8. I'm sorry I'm not of more help! I have no suggestions other than engaging in some "risky" behavior, and WALKING. Walk, walk, walk and have some sex!! Good luck girlie! I'm routing for you! Doesn't the wee one know that we want to see her/him???? Come on now! We need some BABY!!!!!!

  9. I know many italian women who swear that eggplant parmesan was there wonder food to induce labor. i don't think that will burn the tongue quite as badly.


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