Wednesday, December 19, 2007


ok, it is 4pm and there is no change. Mindi's girly parts were examed and I took the opportunity to check out her cervix- hey, she has seen mine during inseminations, and I was curious what it looked like. It was neat-o :).

I did change the sheets before the appointment, and then, when I got home I scrubbed the bathroom sink and toilet and pulled the rug up to wash. Now I am totally pooped!

We aired up the birthing pool (we are planning a home birth but are registered at the hospital if we neeed to go. We are working with 2 midwives and a doula). I am glad I filled up the pool with air- it took a lot longer than I would have been able to handle if I were actually in labor. Now we just have to sit here and hope one of the kitty claws doesn't go through the tub!

The baby has the hic-hic-hiccups!

Oh girls, I can't wait for everyone who is ttc right now to get preggers!!! Keep trying- we almost gave up too and look where we are now!!! Lovingly stalked at 40weeks!


  1. did you get an actual birthing pool or a kiddie pool?

    big expense?

  2. Time to serve that little boogar with an eviction notice. LoL

  3. Wow - you can feel the hiccups? That is amazing!

    I cannot wait to hear how things go with the birthing pool. K and I have talked about that option for us (when, of course, we finally get pregnant!) I think it would be an amazing way to bring a baby into the world - less of a shock for the wee one, and *hopefully* (fingers and toes crossed) more relaxing for you!

  4. Birthing Pool? You know they frown on that at the YWCA?

  5. Thanks!! I hope when we start trying again, we'll get preggers soon :)

    Birthing pool?? really??? Okay, so it's 10:00 pm now, what is the update???? :)


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