Tuesday, December 18, 2007

4.5 ounces of Sweet Love...

No, not a really tiny baby. I am talking about this...

I promised you the results, so here goes...

LOL (inward thoughts *my God, I can't believe I am telling the entire Internet population about my excursions with the enema bottle"- an enema big enough to "bottle feed a cow" at that lol...)

Everything went, well, WENT with the enema bottle. It did not bring on as many contractions as I had hoped it would however. Because of that, Mindi and I decided to try some serious nipple stimulation. Mindi did a little googling online to find out what the most effect nipple stimulation protocol was. We followed the instructions, and it looked like this...

A dim bathroom with a heater running and lit candles. A warm bath was run. A hand towel was soaked in bathwater and laid as a compress across my bosom (hehe). Mindi rubbed and tweaked my nips through the towel for extra sensation. The key was to rub through the towel for 15 minutes on each nipple, or until a contraction began. I (the pregnant person) was supposed to relax through the nipple wrenching. We were supposed to do each nipple twice. Nip rub #1 brought on a decent contraction after 10 minutes of rubbing, as did nip rub #2. We refreshed some of the bath water and started again with nip #1. It achieved a contraction after only 5 minutes of stimulation, as did nip rub #2 of the second set.

I get out of the tub and we eat dinner. Where did the contractions go? Damn it.

So, I return to my birth ball and start Hula Hooping. YOWSERS! The contractions are stronger on the ball than they have been, and as soon as I start to move, I get those contractions.

I am currently on my ball, using my breast pump for more nipple stimulation. It is pretty funny to watch I am sure, so I will share...

My anonymous friend "R" still says that I will give birth tomorrow at some point. Anyone else have any predictions?


  1. I'm sure I'll be hearing from you soon when/if it all works!

  2. Good for you! You're doing everything!!!!

    Keep it up girlie ... it will happen soon!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

    I can't wait!

  3. OMG!! Thanks for the story :)

    Umm.. u know the baby may want to be a Capricorn which is why he/she is holding out, if so, you only have 2 more days to go :) But I'm hoping for a Sag for ya :)

    Keep us posted!!!

  4. I think the pump will work. A woman at the health depeartment told my breast friend to start pumping almost 2 months before she was due to give birth and it brought on early contractions.

    I say if not tomorrow then Friday at noon. Girl....8lb 6oz 20 inches long.


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